Diocese of Tirunelveli of the Church of South India

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Diocese of Tirunelveli
Country India
Ecclesiastical province Church of South India
Congregations 687
Members 1,86,000
Cathedral Holy Trinity Cathedral,Palayamkottai
Secular priests 101
Current leadership
Bishop J. J. Christudoss

The Diocese of Tirunelveli is one among the 22 dioceses of the Church of South India (CSI).It is based at Tirunelveli, in the state of Tamil Nadu, southern India. The diocese has 687 pastorates, 101 pastors, and a membership of 1,86,000.Holy Trinity Cathedral, at Palayamkottai is the Cathedral church of Tirunelveli Diocese.


V. S. Azariah, the first Indian bishop, came from Tirunelveli Diocese.

In 2014, the bishop J J Christdoss has ordered to change the pastors suddenly.[1]

Issues in 2015[edit]

In november 2015 the Tirunelveli diocese increased the annual membership amount (in Tamil : Kanikkai) from Rs100 to Rs 500. And the retirement age of the pastors also increased from 65 to 67. And correction in the rule is made to permit the pastors to remove someone from the diocese.Against all these decisions members raised their voices.And they requested to take voting to implement these changes.But Bishop ignored them and said that these changes are accepted without proper voting.The members has thrown the chairs to display their opposition.Due to the decision to increase the retirement age, J J Christdoss's retirement age also increased.[2][3][4][5]

Issues in 2014[edit]

In 2014 one school teacher has committed suicide as she was transferred.The diocese management was blamed for this.[6]

2008 Issues[edit]

In 2008, Due to the diocese election issues, the then bishop S Jeyapaul David was beaten stating he was not fit for the position of bishop.There were pending cases in court regarding the diocese elections.Two groups were fighting each other for these diocese elections.[7]

Bishops of the Diocese[edit]

  • Samuel Morley (1896–1903)
  • Arthur A Williams (1905–1914)
  • Harry M Waller (1915–1923)
  • Norman H Tubbs (1923–1928)
  • Frederick J Western (1929–1938)
  • Stephen C Neill (1939–1944)
  • George T Selwyn (1945–1952)
  • Augustine G Jebaraj (1953–1970)
  • Thomas S Garrett (1971–1974)
  • S Daniel Abraham (1975–1984)
  • Jason S Dharmaraj (1985–1999)
  • S Jeyapaul David (1999–2009)
  • J J Christdoss (2009-till)

Educational Institutions under the Diocese[edit]

  • Primary and Middle Schools -323
  • Higher Secondary Schools-13
  • Colleges -6
  • Teacher Training Institutes -3

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