Diocese of Dornakal of the Church of South India

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Diocese of Dornakal
Ephiphany Cathedral Dornakal Diocese, Dornakal.jpg
Epiphany Cathedral, Dornakal
Ecclesiastical provinceChurch of South India
CathedralEpiphany Cathedral, Dornakal
Current leadership
BishopThe. Rt. Rev. Kodirekka Padma Rao

Dornakal Diocese is a diocese of the Church of South India in Telangana state of India. It is among 22 dioceses of the Church of South India.The diocese mainly covers the pastorates in Warangal, Nalgonda, East Godavari and Khammam districts and also has churches in Odissha state.


The Diocese of Dornakal[1] was formed on December 1912. Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah was consecrated as its first bishop in St. Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta. He was the first Indian Anglican Bishop of Dornakal and was a leader in the Christian evangelistic movement in South Asia during the early twentieth century. Azariah was the first Indian to be consecrated a bishop in the Anglican Communion.[2][3]

When the Diocese was first formed, it was a small district in the southeast corner of the Nizam's dominions. A few years later, it was enlarged by the addition of the Dummugudem district, in which the Church Missionary Society (CMS) was working. Through this, all of the districts of both the CMS and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) in the Telugu country were placed under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Dornakal.

The present Diocese of Dornakal includes a large portion of the Krishna district, together with the part of the Godavari districts, parts of the Kurnool and Kadapa districts to the south occupied by the SPG, the areas in the Hyderabad State occupied by the Indian Missionary Society of Tinnevelly (IMST), the Singareni Mission, the Khammamett Mission, and the recently formed Dornakal Diocesan Mission, which has started work in the Mulag Taluq.


The former president bishop of the church Rt. Rev. Dr Vadapalli Prasada Rao stated that the church is run entirely on Indian funds, which he says helps ensure the churches continued independence from the "Anglican Communion".[4]


Group church councils and chairman[edit]

  • Rev. Dr. K. N. Bhushanam, Kothagudem GCC
  • Rev. K. Padma Rao, Sagar GCC
  • Rev. Irri John Wesley, Kodad GCC
  • Rev. B. Ravindra, Khammam GCC
  • Rev. G. Ramesh, Sathupalli GCC
  • Rev. I. H. R. Paul Mohan Rao, Dummagudem GCC
  • Rev. P. Sunil, Dornakal GCC


  • CSI Epiphany Cathedral Church, Dornakal
  • St. Andrew’s Church, Kothagudem
  • St. Mary's Church, Khammam
  • St. Paul's Church , Aswapuram
  • St. Paul's Church, P.V. Colony
  • Christ Church, Bhadrachalam
  • St. Peter's Church Kodad
  • St. Paul's Church, Mahabubabad
  • St. Paul's Church, Palvancha
  • St. Timothy Church, Huzurnagar
  • St. John's Church, Yellandu
  • St. John's Church, J.K colony, Yellandu
  • St. Philip's Church, Nava bharat
  • Christ Church, Indira Nagar, KMM
  • St. Mark's Church, NSP, Khammam
  • St. Luke Church, Singabhupalem, KTDM
  • St. Thomas Church, Ramavaram, KTDM
  • St. James Church, Gouthampur
  • St Peter's Church, Rudrampur
  • Christ Church, Parsibandam, khammam
  • St. John's Church v.m.banjara,
  • St. Peter's church, Madiripuram, Near Bangla
  • Church Of South India, Miryalaguda, Dornakal Diocese
  • St. Andrew’s Church,Anisettipally Malapally

Educational institutions[edit]

  • Bishop Azariah High School for Girls, Dornakal
  • Bishop Azariah Junior college for Girls, Dornakal
  • Dornakal Diocese. Degree College, Dornakal
  • Dornakal Diocese. Junior College, Dornakal
  • Dornakal Diocese. High School, Dornakal
  • St. Mary's High school, Khammam
  • St. Andrew's High School, Kothagudem
  • St. Christ Church Primary School, Bhadrachalam
  • St. Peter's Primary School, Thoorubaka, Bhadrachalam
  • Dorkal Diocese Hostel, Chadrupatla
  • Mission High school (Aided), Madiripuram

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