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Don Maitz
Don Maitz.jpg
Don Maitz (left)
EducationPaier School of Art
Movementscience fiction, fantasy
Awards1980 World Fantasy Award, 1984/1986 Hugo Award

Don Maitz is an American science fiction, fantasy, and commercial artist. He has twice won the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist, science fiction's highest honor for an artist. His peers in the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists have honored him ten times with a Chesley Award for outstanding achievement, and he has received a Silver Medal of Excellence from the Society of Illustrators.

A native of Plainville, Connecticut, he is a 1975 graduate of the Paier School of Art.[1] His art has adorned the covers of books by Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, C. J. Cherryh, Stephen King, Gene Wolfe, Michael Moorcock, and Raymond E. Feist, among others. Two compilations of his work have been published, Dreamquests: The Art Of Don Maitz, and First Maitz. He also created the "Captain" character of the Captain Morgan brand of rum.

Maitz resides in Florida with his wife, fantasy novelist and artist Janny Wurts.


Maitz's work covers the broad spectrum of Fantasy & Science Fiction and even horror. He has also painted an extensive collection of pirates, including the pirate on the labels of Captain Morgan rum.

Published works[edit]

Don Maitz has published two books featuring his own works, entitled First Maitz and Dreamquests: The Art of Don Maitz. Friedlander Publishing Group released two 90-card sets, each with five "chase" cards in 1994 and 1996.

Maitz has also been included in the first book of series concentrating on artists who publish in the realm of Fantasy. This book is Fantasy Art Masters: The Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Artists Show How They Work.

Dreamquests: the Art of Don Maitz[edit]

Published in 1993, Dreamquests is a collection of Maitz's works. Raymond E. Feist gives the introduction, Maitz gives a few thoughts and then come pages and pages of beautiful images with a glossary at the end to give a title to the image and where it was used - book cover, magazine cover, etc.

First Maitz[edit]

First Maitz was published in 1998. It is a detailed review by the artist of a selection of his paintings, his techniques, his inspirations and some sample sketches along the way to the finished painting. A detailed review of his work.

Screen savers[edit]

Maitz and his wife Janny Wurts have collaborated on three screen savers feature their artwork. The screen savers have been created in conjunction with Second Nature, a supporter of non-profit environmental organizations. Second Nature feature screen saver collections from a wide variety of artists and photographers.

Raiding Parties[edit]

Raiding Parties is a pirate-themed card game featuring artwork by Maitz on each card.


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