Down and Outing

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Down and Outing
Tom and Jerry series
Down and Outing Title.JPG
The title card of "Down and Outing"
Directed by Gene Deitch
Supervising animator:
Václav Bedřich (uncredited)
Produced by William L. Snyder
Story by Larz Bourne
Voices by Allen Swift
Music by Steven Konichek
Animation by Jindra Barta
Antonín Bures
Mirek Kacena
Milan Klikar
Vera Kudrnová
Vera Maresová
Olga Sisková
Zdenka Skrípková
Zdenek Smetana
(all uncredited)
Ludmila Kopecná (uncredited)
Backgrounds by Background paint:
Bohumil Siska
with a little help from
Miluse Hluchanicová
(both uncredited)
Studio Rembrandt Films
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s) October 26, 1961
Color process Metrocolor
Running time 6:56
Country Czechoslovakia
Language English
Preceded by Switchin' Kitten
Followed by It's Greek to Me-ow!

Down and Outing is a Tom and Jerry animated short film, released on October 26, 1961. It was the second cartoon in the series to be directed by Gene Deitch and produced by William L. Snyder in Czechoslovakia. It updates its copyright to the current year 1961 as opposed to the 1960 copyright of 'Switchin' Kitten'.


Tom goes with his owner on a fishing trip while Jerry joins to tag along, but rudely throwing his fishing gear at Tom, provoking him to knock Jerry out of the car. However, Jerry manages to sneak in by going under the car when it stops in a driveway, coming in from an opening in the floor of a trunk then kicks Tom out of the car, causing Tom’s head to skid along the road. Jerry taunts Tom as he chases down the car, but it stops at the red traffic light and Tom bends in his neck on the open trunk door. As a light turns green again, the car drives away, and after running towards it, Tom manages to hop back into the car to capture Jerry.

Jerry manages to escape from Tom’s clutches. Tom grabs a frying pan to hit Jerry, but misses when Jerry jumps out of the way, causing Tom to whack his owner on the back of his head. Tom's owner, his face instantly turning red, turns to Tom to grab the frying pan and repeatedly hit him on the head with it. However, the owner only gets into trouble by the other drivers as he says "The same to you, Mac!" and worries. Jerry sneaks under the owner's seat and pushes down on the gas pedal at its hardest, causing the car to speed up so fast that the speedometer breaks. Tom's owner looks down and sees Tom’s hand, now believing that he is a culprit and angrily stomps on it, causing Tom to yell in pain and swelling his hand in the process. Jerry offers Tom the first aid kit. Tom, enraged at Jerry for making him get a blame for speeding, attempts to hit Jerry with his swollen hand, but misses again and causes his swollen hand to hurt more.

Tom chases Jerry outside of the car and onto the roof, but he falls off onto the front of the car when he blocks his owner's view. The irate owner stops the car, causing Tom to fly off and skid his bottom against the road. Tom see his bottom on fire from the skidding and jumps into a nearby lake to put out the fire, evaporating the water in the process. Tom runs back into the car, but his owner, having had enough of Tom’s recklessness, grabs Tom by his neck and straps him on the passenger seat very tightly to keep him out of trouble.

Tom manages to escape his confinement and searches around for Jerry. Meanwhile, Jerry is using the first aid kit to disguise one of the owner's shoes as a mouse. When the car finally makes it to the fishing grounds, Tom grabs an oar to whack Jerry when he sees him. As the owner exits the car, Tom sees the disguised shoe, believing it to be Jerry as he angrily whacks his owner on the foot with the oar, causing him to scream and jump up in pain as hit his head on the car roof, creating a large dent into it. A frightened Tom tries to flee, but the infuriated owner catches Tom with his automatic fishing rod before Tom prays himself and gets thrashed (off-screen).

Tom is forced to carry the heavy load of equipment to the boat as a punishment, not knowing that Jerry is hiding in the picnic basket. As Tom loads the boat, the owner's sour frown gradually becomes a smile, and the cat is back on his master's good graces. While on the boat, Tom spots Jerry in the basket and uses an air pump to suck him out into the water. In retaliation, Jerry swims under the boat and ties Tom’s fishing hook to the owner's foot before he tugs Tom’s line. Tom, believing he has caught a fish, reels in his catch, and after making the owner go into the water, Tom's joy turns into horror when he sees his owner furious at his sight when he tries to wipe him dry, and he once again gets thrashed as Jerry looks on (off-screen).

Finally, Jerry and Tom's owner are seen happily fishing in true peace and successfully catching fish. Tom reappears, not only thrashed but also tied up onto the wall of the catch bucket. All their catches are thrown into the bucket and slap into Tom’s face as punishment for 'mercilessly trying' to drown his owner into the lake earlier. Tom sobs at his predicament after a few fish-slaps, as the camera closes in on his face showing the episode's original pink opening template, ending the cartoon.

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