Dunellen (NJT station)

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Dunellen Station July 2014.jpg
Dunellen Station in July 2014.
Coordinates 40°35′27″N 74°27′47″W / 40.59083°N 74.46306°W / 40.59083; -74.46306Coordinates: 40°35′27″N 74°27′47″W / 40.59083°N 74.46306°W / 40.59083; -74.46306
Owned by New Jersey Transit
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Connections NJT Bus NJT Bus: 59, 65, 66, 113, and 114
Commuter Bus Suburban Trails: Dunellen Local
Other information
Fare zone 12
Passengers (2012) 945 (average weekday)[1]
Preceding station   NJT logo.svg NJ Transit Rail   Following station
toward High Bridge
Raritan Valley Line

Dunellen is a New Jersey Transit railroad station on the Raritan Valley Line, in Dunellen, New Jersey. It is the only Raritan Valley Line station in Middlesex County. There is a ticket office and small waiting area at this stop. A simple station, there are two tracks with two small side platforms. The station is located on a high embankment.

Trains stop serving the station at midnight and resume by 5 in the morning. Automatic ticket vending machines have been installed along with an automated voice telling commuters when their train will arrive.

Station layout[edit]

   Raritan Valley Line toward High Bridge (Bound Brook)
   Raritan Valley Line toward Hoboken or New York (Plainfield)


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