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Sri Dungargarh

Sri Dungargarh
Sri Dungargarh
Sri Dungargarh
Sri Dungargarh is located in Rajasthan
Sri Dungargarh
Sri Dungargarh
Location in Rajasthan, India
Sri Dungargarh is located in India
Sri Dungargarh
Sri Dungargarh
Sri Dungargarh (India)
Coordinates: 28°05′N 74°01′E / 28.08°N 74.02°E / 28.08; 74.02Coordinates: 28°05′N 74°01′E / 28.08°N 74.02°E / 28.08; 74.02
Country India
Founded byDungar Singh Ji
 • BodyMunicipal corporation
266 m (873 ft)
 • Total53,294
 • OfficialHindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code01565
Vehicle registrationRJ-07

Sri Dungargarh (About this soundpronunciation )(Hindi) is a Town and a Tehsil (Sub-district) in Bikaner district in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is situated at 70 KM distance from Bikaner City. Sri Dungargarh is located on the Bikaner-Jaipur road (National Highway 11). Population of Sri Dungargarh is nearly around 58 thousand.


Before the 132-year-old history of Sri Dungargarh, on the basis of many research facts, the Sarasvati River was flowing here and it was a fertile area. Once the devastating earthquake came completely changed its natural and geographical position and the Sarasvati River became extinct and the entire land was converted into a desert and it became sandy dunes here.

The formation of the district of Sri Dungargarh was introduced in the year 1880 (Bikram Sambat 1937) with ancient Sarasur and Ruppalasar villages. Naresh Maharaja Dungar Singh of Bikaner of that time settled it. In the history of the Treapanth, there is mention of the foundation laid by Shri Dungar Singh in 1936. V. In 1936, Maharaja Sri Dungar Singh gave Santoshchand Sethia a Ramshahi ka Rukka, to give 1026 bigha land (for the cultivation of 1001 bigha land and for setting 25 bigha land to Mr. Dungargarh). The then tehsildar of Balasar of that time, Thakur Chogasinh, earlier allocated a lease in a coconut and then the cost of the lease was kept.[2]

Rathod (Bikya) was made up of Khalsa Rajput and Rupalasar of Sarasu. Saraswati of Saraswat Brahmin Samaj, first being Nagaur (Ahichchatrapur) from Jaisalmer (Lodhva), came to the area and became the straw. After the then Rajput Chauhan, the then King of Nagaur, gave him 1444 grams of lease, he made Moamsar Bass his capital in 1116 (v. 1173). Roopa and Raju Kaliya on the basis of Sheellas were the plots of this area. Karsan Singh, the relative of Rao Bika, from the Sarasu to the north-west part of 1498-1503 (v. 1555-60), killed Kaliya Sardar Rupa in the battle and according to his last wish, Rudasar Bass settled, on which Kishen Singh Vika of the descendants of Bika By 1937 the rights were in the form of straps. The first lease of the establishment of Sri Dungargarh was made in the name of the Samvat 1937 i.e. 132 years ago, "the fasting of the Jennyes".


Sri Dungargarh is a progressive town in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. Surrounded by sandy tilos on the four sides created by nature, it appears itself a sightseeing. Its homestead is shaped like a cup and can be seen across from one corner of the city due to the direct paths of the other side and every way makes the intersection. Bikaner - 70 km from Bikaner on Delhi Railway Road and National Highway-11 Is already located Its present population is rural area 241084 and urban 53294 in which there are 153553 of males and 140842 of females. Which are divided into 30 wards of the Municipality Board. At present, there is Mr. Priyanka Mote, and MLA of the area, Shri Kishan Ram,[3] in the chairmanship of the municipal board. There are 97 grams and 30 gram Panchayats, 30 Sarpanchs, 15 Panchayat Samithi members, 4 District Council members, one MLA, one municipal president and 30 councilors in the political context of Shri Dungargarh tehsil. In the academic area, about 30 thousand students - students are studying in Sri Dungargarh.


Sri Dungargarh Library

Sri Dungargarh Library - The entire ancient library is the pride of the entire Sri dungargarh people. Located in the heart of the city, this library is a unique example of the collection of thousands of letters. For the literary lovers, writers, poets and readers, the city's Bhamashahs together made a grand construction and renovation.[4]

Shri Jain Shwetambar Terpanthy Sabha Library - Library was established around 1943 and the responsibility for its operation is going on under the Jain Shvetambar Tervanti Sabha. Currently there is a collection of more than 6000 rare books in this booklet. At present, more than 60 daily daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly periodicals are available in the reading room. In this booklet, the construction and beautification of Rambha Mata auditorium was done in collaboration with Mr. Dharmachandra Bhikhamchand Pugalia.

National Language Library - It was established on 31.07.1995 by the National Language Hindi Publications Committee. First of all, Shri Shyam Maharishi provided his books in it. At present there are more than 12 thousand books and 350 ancient manuscript manuscripts available in the library. Currently there is a connection of more than 150 devotees. It is accredited by state language and library department. Presently, the Chairman Shri Shyam Maharishi[5] and Minister is Mr. Bajrang Sharma. In the bookstore, daily 2, weekly 5, fortnight 10, monthly 19, bi-monthly 2, quarterly 12, annual 2 and irregular carpets, 3 letters.

Desertification Research Institute - It was established on 17.08.1998 in the national language Hindi campaign committee. Inauguration of research room 11.09.1999 Professor of the Department of History of Asia University, Tokyo (Japan) Masanori Sato did it. So far, 10 books have been published by the research institute, and "Old" is also being published in the yearly and presently "Old-fashioned" Semi-Astronomy magazine. Desertification Research Institute has a collection of 216 handwritten works from the 18th to the 20th century and 275 Bahrias and pauses and permits written between the last 100 to 150 years. Apart from this, the material of ancient terracotta is also available.


The internal transport system in Sri Dungargarh consists of autorickshaws. Sri Dungargarh railway[6] comes under Bikaner Division in North Western Railways (NWR) Zone and connected to some of major Indian cities via broad gauge railway. The city has direct rail connections to Delhi, Gurgaon, Bikaner Surat


Sri Dungargarh Railway Station

Sri Dungargarh is well served with roads and is linked directly to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Alwar, Ludhiana, Sri Ganganagar, Bhatinda, Ambala, Haridwar, and many other cities and National highways 11.

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