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Durga Lal Shrestha (Nepal Bhasa: दुर्गालाल श्रेष्ठ) (b. July 1937) is a famous poet of Nepal Bhasa and Nepali. Some people[who?] brand him as a progressive litterateur. He is honored as Janakavi or people's poet in Nepal Bhasa.

Written works[edit]

His famous published work are [1]-

  • Pija (1967)
  • Ji Swayambhu Twath (1986)
  • Yaka Phalecha (1987)
  • Inquilabya Palasa (1991)
  • Twists and Turns
  • A Pick of Durga Lal Shrestha's poems (2000)
  • Chiniyamha Kisicha (1965)
  • Taibhaba (1966)
  • Chiniya Champa (1967)
  • Kulikasa (1967)
  • Salachhyonya Bela (1969)
  • Machabakhancha (1995)
  • Santaya Kusa (2001)
  • Macha Bakhancha
  • Tapaka
  • Jungle Kabita


  • He wrote songs for the Nepal Bhasa movie Rajamati.
  • His song "Jhee Masini" ("We Are Not Dead Yet") is considered one of the most powerful songs of the Nepal Bhasa movement.
  • One of his popular songs is "Phool ko Aankhaa Maa, Phoolai Sansara" with music by Nhyu Bajracharya and sung by the vocalist Ani Chhoyang Lama. It is included in the album Moments of Bliss, on which all of the songs are written by Shrestha.
  • He also wrote a few songs for the movie Balidan which dramatized the popular uprising against the Panchayat system and the fight to bring multiparty democracy to Nepal.
  • He has written a number of songs for new Nepali singer Shweta Punjali, including her debut album Udaan.[2]

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