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S-Bahn-Logo.svg Eidelstedt
Rapid transit
Eidelstedt railway station.jpg
Eidelstedt railway station, S-Bahn, platform
Location Reichsbahnstr. 101
22525 Hamburg
Line(s) S-Bahn-Logo.svg Hamburg S-Bahn
Hamburg A1.svg AKN railway plc.
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Structure type Elevated
Parking 20 parking lots
Bicycle facilities 20 bicycle stands
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code ds100: AEST
DB station code: 1511
Type: Bf
Category: 4
Electrified 1200 volts DC system

Eidelstedt railway station is on the Hamburg-Altona–Kiel line and is served by the city trains and the commuter trains of the AKN railways plc., located in Hamburg, Germany [1]

The railway station is located in the quarter of Eidelstedt in the Eimsbüttel borough.

Station layout[edit]

The station is an elevated island platform with 2 tracks and one exit. The station is fully accessible for handicapped persons, because there is a lift and a special floor layout for blind persons. [2]

Station services[edit]


The commuter trains of the line A1are calling Eidelstedt as a terminus, the A1 travels toward Hamburg central station twice during the morning rush hours. The rapid transit trains of the lines S3 and S21 of the Hamburg S-Bahn are calling the station. [3]

Direction of the trains on track 1 is toward Kaltenkirchen and Neumünster (A1), Pinneberg (S3) and Elbgaustraße railway station (S21). On track 2 the trains are running in the direction Hamburg central station (A1 temporary), Stade (S3) and Aumühle (S21).

Facilities at the station[edit]

A small shop in the station sells fast food and newspapers. There are no lockerboxes. No personnel is attending the station, but there are SOS and information telephones, ticket machines, 20 bicycle stands and 20 parking lots.

Preceding station   Hamburg S-Bahn   Following station
toward Pinneberg
S3Hamburg S3.svg
toward Stade
S21Hamburg S21.svg
toward Aumühle
Preceding station   AKN Eisenbahn   Following station
toward Neumünster
A1Hamburg A1.svg
toward Hauptbahnhof

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