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Emonika, also named the Emonika City Centre or the Ljubljana Emonika Passenger Centre (Slovene: Potniški center Ljubljana Emonika), is a project of the construction of a new bus and railway station and a business and residential complex at Liberation Front Square (Trg Osvobodilne fronte) and in the nearby area in the Centre District of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.



The construction was originally planned by the construction company TriGranit. First old buildings were removed in 2008 in order to prepare space for construction, which was planned to begin in spring 2012 and finish in two years. In September 2012, TriGranit withdrew its construction permit request, filled in June 2012, after failing to acquire some of the necessary land within relevant deadlines. According to Zoran Janković, the Mayor of Ljubljana, the company had invested already 30 million euros in the project.[1] TriGranit later stated it had not withdrawn from the project.[2] After the government of Slovenia refused to subsidy the investment in July 2014, TriGranit pulled out of the contract with the Slovenian Railways.[3] The railway company decided to press charges against it, but the construction of the complex was postponed indefinitely.[4]

Prime Kapital[edit]

In early 2017, the project gained new investors, the Prime Kapital fund from Romania. In March 2017, it was announced that it would, under the management of Csaba Toth who initially worked for TriGranit, and in collaboration with the Slovenian Railways and the City Municipality of Ljubljana, construct a new bus and railway station, redesign Liberation Front Square, and widen Masaryk Street (Masarykova ulica) running along the railway to a four-lane road. The construction works will commence at the earliest in the first half of 2018 and no later than the end of 2018. Besides, a shopping mall, a complex of nine cinema halls, and a parking lot for 1,600 cars will be built. The investment has been estimated to be worth of EUR 250 million, which is c. EUR 100 million less than the original estimate of EUR 350 million.[5]


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