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Vizmarje Ljubljana Slovenia.JPG
Vižmarje is located in Slovenia
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°6′43.78″N 14°27′36.61″E / 46.1121611°N 14.4601694°E / 46.1121611; 14.4601694Coordinates: 46°6′43.78″N 14°27′36.61″E / 46.1121611°N 14.4601694°E / 46.1121611; 14.4601694
Country Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Traditional region Upper Carniola
Statistical region Central Slovenia
Municipality Ljubljana
Elevation[1] 315 m (1,033 ft)

Vižmarje (pronounced [ˈʋiːʒmaɾjɛ], German: Wischmarje[2][3]) is a formerly independent settlement in the northern part of the capital Ljubljana in central Slovenia. It was part of the traditional region of Upper Carniola and is now included with the rest of the municipality in the Central Slovenia Statistical Region.[4] It is located in the northwestern part of the city and belongs to the Šentvid District.


Vižmarje lies north of Šentvid, along both sides of the rad to Tacen. The southern part, long the main street as far as the railroad station, is known as Male Vižmarje (literally, 'little Vižmarje'), and the northern part toward Brod is known as Velike Vižmarje (literally, 'big Vižmarje').[5] Vižmarje has a railway station, an elementary school, a turbine institute, and the bus terminus of the No. 1 city bus line. Bus lines 8, 8B, 15 and 25 also run through Vižmarje.


Vižmarje was attested in written sources in 1283 as Geiselmannsdorf bei Laibach (and as Geyselmansdorf in 1331 and Geismanstorf in 1385, among other variations, as well as Vsmariach and Vsmarich in 1554, and Vismarie in 1763–87). The Slovene name developed from the fused prepositional phrase *v (J)ižmarje 'in Jižmarje', based on the personal name *Jižmar, which was borrowed (and palatalized) from the Middle High German name Gîs(al)mâr.[6] In the more recent past, the German name Wischmarje was used.[2][3]


The Vižmarje rally

On 17 May 1869, the seventh and best-attended national open-air mass rally, known as a tabor, took place in Vižmarje with 30,000 participants.[1][5] A factory for cotton fabric was established in 1928, the Skip metals company in 1949, a sports equipment factory in 1954, and the Iskra ceramics and automation plant in 1957.[5] Vižmarje was annexed by the village of Šentvid in 1961, ending its existence as an independent settlement. Šentvid itself was annexed by the city of Ljubljana in 1974.[7]

Notable people[edit]

Notable people that were born or lived in Vižmarje include:


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