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Eredivisie Vrouwen
Eredivisie logo women.jpg
Founded 2007 (ran until 2012)
Country  Netherlands
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams 8
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to no relegation
Domestic cup(s) KNVB Women's Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Women's Champions League
Current champions AFC Ajax (1st title)
Most championships AZ (3 titles)
Website Official website
2017–18 Eredivisie (women)

The Eredivisie Vrouwen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈeːrədiˌvizi]) (Dutch for Honor Division) is a women's football league in the Netherlands.[1][2] It was established in 2007 and then played for five seasons. After three seasons of a combined top level league with Belgium, the Eredivisie was restarted in the 2015–16 season.

The champion qualifies for a spot in the UEFA Women's Champions League.



The opening ceremony of the soccer eredivisie for women took place in the Arke Stadion in Enschede at 29 August 2007, with the presentation of the 6 teams. The opening match was played by SC Heerenveen and FC Twente. SC Heerenveen won the match 3–2.[3][4]

Opening ceremony (29-09-2007)
Opening ceremony (29-09-2007)

The season 2011–12 was the last season of the Dutch Women's Eredivisie. It was replaced by the Women’s BeNe League, a joint league by Dutch and Belgian teams.[5] As the highest league in the Netherlands the Topklasse was created above the Hoofsklasse.


After the BeNe League played its last and third season, the Eredivisie was restarted in the 2015–16 season with seven clubs.[6] Those were the same Dutch clubs that played in the previous BeNe League season.


For its first three seasons, the Eredivisie consisted of six teams playing each other four times a season, twice at home and twice away. The format was changed to a triple round-robin format for the 2010/11 season, when the league was increased to eight teams.

There was no relegation from the Eredivisie, although a relegation/promotion system was planned in the long run.[7]

The renewed Eredivisie slowly expanded. With seven teams in 2015–16 they again played each other four times. The next season eight teams played a double round-robin followed by a championship/relegation round. In 2017–18 nine teams took part.[8]


Location of teams in the Women's Eredivisie 2017/18

Teams that play in the 2017–18 season. Telstar was closed and the women formed VV Alkmaar. Excelsior is a new women's section of SBV Excelsior.

Team Home city Home ground
ADO Den Haag Den Haag Kyocera Stadion
FC Twente Enschede De Grolsch Veste
PEC Zwolle Zwolle IJsseldelta Stadion
SC Heerenveen Heerenveen Sportpark Skoatterwâld
AFC Ajax Amsterdam Sportpark De Toekomst
PSV Eindhoven Eindhoven Jan Louwers Stadion
Achilles '29 Groesbeek Sportpark De Heikant
VV Alkmaar Alkmaar Sportpark Robonsbosweg
SBV Excelsior Rotterdam Stadion Woudestein
Sportpark de Bongerd

Achilles'29 have joined the league for the 2016–17 season.[9][10] Former teams of the Eredivisie are:

Team Home city Seasons
AZ Alkmaar Alkmaar 2007/08 to 2010/11
Roda JC Kerkrade 2008/09
FC Utrecht Utrecht 2007/08 to 2011/12
VVV-Venlo Venlo 2011/12
Willem II Tilburg 2008/09 to 2010/11
Telstar Velsen 2011/12, 2015/16 to 2016/17


Year Winner Runner Up Third Notes
2007–08 AZ Willem II FC Utrecht [11]
2008–09 AZ ADO Den Haag Willem II [12]
2009–10 AZ ADO Den Haag Willem II [13][14]
2010–11 FC Twente ADO Den Haag AZ [15][16]
2011–12 ADO Den Haag FC Twente Telstar [17][18]
2015–16 FC Twente AFC Ajax PSV Eindhoven [19]
2016–17 AFC Ajax FC Twente PSV Eindhoven

Titles by club[edit]

Titles Team
3 AZ
2 FC Twente
1 ADO Den Haag
1 AFC Ajax


Sylvia Smit, two time top-scorer
Season Topscorer Goals Club
2007–08 Netherlands Karin Stevens 20 Willem II
2008–09 Netherlands Sylvia Smit 14 Heerenveen
2009–10 Netherlands Sylvia Smit
Netherlands Chantal de Ridder
11 Heerenveen
2010–11 Netherlands Chantal de Ridder 19 AZ
2011–12 Netherlands Priscilla de Vos 16 Telstar
2015–16 Netherlands Jill Roord 20 Twente
2016–17[20][21] Netherlands Katja Snoeijs 21 Telstar

Golden shoe[edit]

Since 2007 every year the Golden shoe (Dutch: Gouden schoen) is awarded to the best player of the Women Eredivisie. The "Vrouw & Voetbal" magazin started this competition in 2007. The winner receives a golden shoe award. In the season 2009/10 the organisation and election was taken over by "Vrouwenoetbal Nederland" They added an award for the best Keeper and in the season 2010/11 an award for the best talented player was added.[22][23]

Season Golden shoe Best Keeper Talent of the year Election by
2007/08 Belgium Femke Maes (Willem II) - - Vrouw & Voetbal
2008/09 Netherlands Jeanine van Dalen (ADO Den Haag)
Netherlands Sheila van den Bulk (ADO Den Haag)
Vrouw & Voetbal
2009/10 Netherlands Kim Dolstra (AZ) Netherlands Angela Christ (FC Utrecht) VrouwenvoetbalNederland
2010/11 Netherlands Jorike Olde Loohuis (sc Heerenveen) Netherlands Angela Christ (FC Utrecht) Netherlands Tula de Wit (FC Utrecht) VrouwenvoetbalNederland
2011/12 Netherlands Tessa Oudejans (FC Utrecht) Netherlands Angela Christ (FC Utrecht) Netherlands Jeslynn Kuipers (VVV-Venlo) VrouwenvoetbalNederland

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