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Ethan Juan
2010TIBE Day4 Hall1 Monga Photobook Event Ethan Ruan.jpg
Ethan Ruan at Taipei International Book Exhibition Monga Photobook Event in 2010
Ruan Ching-tien

(1982-11-08) 8 November 1982 (age 37)
Other namesEthan Ruan
Ruan Jing-tian
Alma materHsing Wu University
Years active2002–present
AwardsGolden Horse Awards – Best Leading Actor
2010 Monga

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese阮經天
Simplified Chinese阮经天
Musical career

Ethan Juan (traditional Chinese: 阮經天; simplified Chinese: 阮经天; pinyin: Ruǎn Jīngtiān; Wade–Giles: Juan Ching-t'ien, born 8 November 1982) is a Taiwanese actor and model. He rose to prominence with the television series Fated to Love You (2008). Juan won the Best Actor award at the 47th Golden Horse Awards for his role in Monga in 2010.

Early life[edit]

Juan grew up in Taichung, Taiwan. He comes from a military family: his father is a soldier, his mother is a military nurse, and his younger brother is an airforce pilot. As a competitive swimmer in his early years, Juan's numerous achievements and awards (including first place at the Taichung City Duathlon) gained him admission into the highly prestigious National Teaching First Senior High School. However, owing to his rebellious streak as a teenager, he eventually dropped out; only graduating after numerous transfers in five different high schools. Thereafter, he held several part-time jobs.

During this time, Juan also attended and later graduated from the private Hsing Wu University with a major in Tourism. It was in 2002 when he accompanied a friend to an audition that he was discovered by the talent agency and began his first showbiz career starring in Penny Tai's music video for "Once Fell In Love" (愛過). Juan was a full-time model before turning to mainstream acting.[1]


Juan began his career in entertainment industry with Catwalk Modelling Agency. As a model, he starred in the music videos of several popular artists, including but not limited to Stefanie Sun, A-Mei and S.H.E. He made his debut in the 2004 television series Michael the Archangel. Subsequently, Juan took on other dramas such as Green Forest, My Home (2005) and Summer x Summer (2006).[2][1]

However, despite proving to be a promising actor, Juan's career failed to take off. It was only after he starred in the 2008 drama, Fated to Love You that he managed to achieve breakthrough. Fated to Love You was the highest rated Taiwanese idol drama.[3][1] This was followed by another hit drama, My Queen in 2009.[4]

Marking another breakthrough in his career, Juan won the Best Leading Actor award at the 47th Golden Horse Awards for his role in the gangster film Monga in 2010.[5] He subsequently made a name for himself in film, starring in romance film Love (2012) by Monga director Doze Niu and wuxia film The Guillotines by Andrew Lau.[6]

Post military, Juan reunited again Monga director Doze Niu in the military film Paradise in Service (2014), which earned him a nomination at the Asian Film Awards for Best Actor.[7][8]

In 2017, Juan returned to the small screen with the tomb-raiding drama The Weasel Grave, eight years after his previous drama My Queen in 2009.[9] The same year, played the role of a psychotic killer in the crime suspense film The Liquidator.[10]

In 2018, Juan starred in the fantasy adventure drama Legend of Fuyao alongside Yang Mi.[11]

Personal life[edit]

Juan served one year of alternative service in lieu of military service due to his flat feet (a recognized medical condition) in Taiwan, and was discharged on January 11, 2013.[12] During his post at the Ministry of Education in New Taipei City, he received a monthly salary of NT$9,955.[13]

After his release from military service, his long-term contract expired with Catwalk. On 5 March 2013, Juan announced that he will be opening a talent management agency together with Doze Niu and Lee Lieh).[14]



Year English title Original title Role Notes
2007 Exit No. 6 六号出口 Vance [15]
Brotherhood of Legio 神选者 Ah Jian [16]
2008 Orz Boyz 囧男孩 Scammer Cameo
2009 New Boy Jiali 男生贾里新传 Teacher Cha Cameo
L-O-V-E 爱到底 Xiao Tian Segment "Lucky" (三声有幸)[17]
2010 Monga 艋舺 Monk (He Tianyou) [18]
2012 Love 爱love Xiao Kuan [19]
The Guillotines 血滴子 Team Leader Cold [20]
2014 Paradise in Service 军中乐园 Xiao Bao
2015 The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan 暴走神探 Fan Ruyi [21]
The Assassin 刺客聂隐 Xia Jing [22]
Cities in Love 恋爱中的城市 Xiao Mai [23]
2016 Kill Time 谋杀似水年华 Qiu Shou [24]
New York New York 纽约纽约 Lu Tu [25]
Never Said Goodbye 谎言西西里 Tian Bo [26]
2017 The Liquidator 心理罪之城市之光 Jiang Ya
2018 Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings 狄仁杰之四大天王 Yuan Ce [27]
2019 The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang 神探蒲松龄之兰若仙踪 [28]
The Eight Hundred 八佰 [29]

Television series[edit]

Year English title Original title Role Notes
2004 Michael the Archangel's Dance 米迦勒之舞 Ghost
2005 Green Forest, My Home 绿光森林 Owen
2006 Hanazakarino Kimitachihe 花样少年少女 Shen Le [30]
2007 Summer x Summer 热情仲夏 Qiao Shan
Wayward Kenting 我在垦丁天气晴 Shao Nan [31]
2008 Fated to Love You 命中注定我愛你 Ji Cunxi
Invincible Shan Bao Mei 无敌珊宝妹 Ji Cunxi Cameo
2009 My Queen 敗犬女王 Lucas
2017 The Weasel Grave 鬼吹灯之黄皮子坟 Hu Bayi Web series
2018 Legend of Fuyao 扶摇 Zhangsun Wuji
2019 Love in a Fallen City 一身孤注掷温柔 Yu Haoting [32]
2020 Cupid's Kitchen 舌尖上的心跳 Jiang Qianfan [33]

Variety show[edit]

Year English title Original title Role Notes
2015-2016 The Great Challenge 了不起的挑战 Cast member [34]
2016 Date ! Super Star 約吧!大明星 [35]


Year English title Original title Album Notes
2005 "Brave Happiness" 勇敢的幸福 Green Forest, My Home OST
"Three Words" 三个字
2010 "Bravely Love" 勇敢爱 N/A
"Tonight Tonight" N/A Monga OST
"Once" N/A
2012 "Those Were the Days" 友情岁月 The Guillotines OST with Huang Xiaoming & Shawn Yue

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2010 47th Golden Horse Awards Best Actor Monga Won
54th Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Actor Nominated
12th Taipei Film Awards Best Actor Nominated
2011 5th Asian Film Awards Best Actor Nominated
2015 9th Asian Film Awards Paradise in Service Nominated
2016 8th Macau International Movie Festival Best Supporting Actor Never Said Goodbye Nominated
2018 24th Huading Awards Best Actor (Ancient Drama)[36] Legend of Fuyao Nominated


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