Exit...Stage Left (video)

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Exit...Stage Left
Video by Rush
Released1982 (VHS, Laserdisc)
May, 2007 (DVD)
GenreProgressive rock, hard rock
LabelAnthem/Mercury Records
Rush chronology
Exit...Stage Left
Grace Under Pressure Tour

Exit...Stage Left is a concert film released on videocassette, laserdisc, and DVD by the Canadian band Rush. It documents a live concert performance by the band on their 1981 Moving Pictures tour. In October 1981, the band released an audio album of the same name on vinyl LP, audiocassette, 8-track cartridge and (later) compact disc. The video comprises an entirely different recording from the album, with a different track list as well as voice-over comments from the band members about songwriting and performing.

Dates of release and formats[edit]

The videocassette and laserdisc versions were the original formats of release, both in 1982.[1] The videocassette and laserdisc versions are currently out-of-print.

In 2006, a DVD version of the original production was released as part of the DVD box set, titled Rush Replay X 3 with its audio re-mastered in 5.1-channel Dolby Surround by Rush guitarist and co-producer Alex Lifeson. In 2007, the DVD version of Exit...Stage Left, as it was included in Replay X 3, was released as a single, stand-alone DVD.[1]

Filming locations[edit]

The concert footage documented in Exit... Stage Left was filmed March 27, 1981, at the Montreal Forum, in Montreal, Quebec.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs are part of the live performance unless specified otherwise. All songs written by all three band members (Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart) except where noted. A ">" symbol indicates a direct segue into the next track.

  1. Intro (includes narration, with segments of "The Camera Eye" live version), 2:15
  2. "Limelight", 4:38
  3. "Tom Sawyer" (Lee, Lifeson, Peart, Pye Dubois), 5:00
  4. "The Trees", 4:47 >
  5. "Xanadu", 12:32 (narration at the beginning)
  6. "Red Barchetta", 6:37
  7. "Freewill", 5:50
  8. "Closer to the Heart" (Lee, Lifeson, Peart, Peter Talbot), 3:30
  9. "YYZ" (Lee, Peart) (segments of the live version, with interview audio) 1:25
  10. "By-Tor and the Snow Dog", 4:13 >
  11. "In the End" (Lee, Lifeson), 1:42 >
  12. "In the Mood" (Lee), 1:35 >
  13. "2112: Grand Finale", 2:42
  14. End Credits ("YYZ"), 2:20


  • Geddy Lee – bass and rhythm guitar, vocals, synthesizers, bass pedal synthesizer
  • Alex Lifeson – electric and acoustic guitars, bass pedal synthesizer
  • Neil Peart – drums and percussion