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Rush in Rio
Video by Rush
Released 2003
Recorded 23 November 2002, Rio de Janeiro
Genre Progressive rock, hard rock
Label Anthem/Zoë Vision
Director Daniel E. Catullo III
Producer Daniel E. Catullo III, Lawrence Jordan, Lionel Pasamonte
Rush chronology
A Show of Hands
Rush in Rio
R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour

Rush in Rio is a live DVD by Canadian band Rush, released in 2003 (see 2003 in music). It is also available as a three CD set. It was the first concert DVD ever released by the band and is a two-disc set containing 28 songs. Bonus features include a tour documentary, multi-angle viewing options for certain songs and behind-the-scenes footage. There's also a 1 disc version that does not include multi-angle or behind the scenes footage. The Blu-ray version on the Completist Edition of the R40 boxset doesn't include it either. The performance was recorded and filmed at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was the final night on the 2002 Vapor Trails Tour. It is the band's first live video that presents a single night's entire performance.

The attendance at this show was 40,000, the second largest crowd at a show on the Vapor Trails Tour (the largest crowd being 60,000 at the previous night's show in São Paulo).

The crew had such a difficult time driving from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro that they were hours late when they arrived at the stadium, and no sound or video check was done because the crowd was entering by the time everything was set up. After this show, Neil Peart's rotating drum riser was destroyed when it was being removed from the stadium by a flat-bed truck whose driver miscalculated the height of the exit. The Vapor Trails carpet that was on the stage was left behind after it got so soaked with rain water it could not fly back with the rest of the equipment, and was later sold on eBay to a fan in Connecticut.

The Rush In Rio DVD received the 2004 Juno Award for "Music DVD of the Year."

Easter eggs[edit]

The second disc includes two Easter eggs. The first is the cartoon that plays during "By-Tor and the Snow Dog." It is accessed by pressing "enter" on a remote control at 26:40 in the documentary "The Boys in Brazil," while Alex Lifeson is discussing the song.

The second is a video of Rush playing "Anthem" in 1975. It is accessed by selecting the second clip ("O Baterista") on the main menu, the first clip ("YYZ") twice, and the second again, returning to the main menu after each selection. The sequence is an allusion to Rush's 1976 album 2112.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

  1. "Tom Sawyer" – 5:04
  2. "Distant Early Warning" – 4:50
  3. "New World Man" – 4:04
  4. "Roll the Bones" – 6:15
  5. "Earthshine" – 5:44
  6. "YYZ" – 4:56
  7. "The Pass" – 4:52
  8. "Bravado" – 6:18
  9. "The Big Money" – 6:03
  10. "The Trees" – 5:12
  11. "Freewill" – 5:48
  12. "Closer to the Heart" – 3:04
  13. "Natural Science" – 8:34
  14. "One Little Victory" – 5:32
  15. "Driven" – 5:22
  16. "Ghost Rider" – 5:36
  17. "Secret Touch" – 7:00
  18. "Dreamline" – 5:10
  19. "Red Sector A" – 5:16
  20. "Leave That Thing Alone" – 4:59
  21. "O Baterista [Drum Solo]" – 8:54
  22. "Resist" – 4:23
  23. "2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx" – 6:52
  24. "Limelight" – 4:29
  25. "La Villa Strangiato" – 10:05
  26. "The Spirit of Radio" – 5:28


  1. "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" – 4:34
  2. "Cygnus X-1" – 3:12
  3. "Working Man" – 5:48

Disc 2[edit]

The Documentary: The Boys in Brazil

MX Multiangle Songs:

  1. "YYZ"
  2. "O Baterista"
  3. "La Villa Strangiato"

+ Easter Eggs


Band members[edit]

  • Geddy Lee - vocals, bass guitar, synthesizers, acoustic guitar on "Resist"
  • Alex Lifeson - electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Neil Peart - drums and percussion


  • Daniel E. Catullo III - director, producer
  • Andrew MacNaughtan - director of "The Boys in Brazil"
  • Lawrence Jordan, Lionel Pasamonte - producers
  • Ray Danniels, Pegi Cecconi, Bryan Domyan - executive producers
  • Allan Weinrib - executive producer, producer of "The Boys in Brazil"
  • Glenis S. Gross, Tilton Gardner, Robert McClaugherty - co-executive producers
  • Michael J. Schultz, Alberto Magno - Brazilian producers
  • Ted Kenney - line producer
  • James 'Jimbo' Barton - audio producer

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