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In Nigeria, primary health care is to be provided by Local Governments, secondary health care by State Governments and tertiary health care by the Federal Government.[1] In operationalizing this policy, the Federal Government decided to establish at least one tertiary health institution in each State of the Nigerian Federation.[2] Federal Medical Centres (FMCs), were established nationwide in states that do not have Federal University Teaching Hospitals present. The exception to this rule is Lagos State, which has one such centre in addition to a Teaching Hospital.

Mission statement[edit]

The general mandate given to all the Federal Medical Centres within the framework of the laws establishing the centres is to provide qualitative, affordable, specialized/tertiary level hospital care to the citizenry and to ultimately reduce the burden of diseases within the communities, through provision of prompt and emphatic preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.[3]

Vision statement[edit]

The vision that informed the establishment of Federal Medical Centres nationwide is equitable presence of the Federal Government in providing tertiary healthcare. It is therefore to see to meeting all the health needs of the clientele, within the shortest time frame.[4]

List of Federal Medical Centres[edit]

There are a total of 22 FMCs all over the country.[3] As a general rule, most of the centres are situated in the State capital, especially in situations where the apex secondary health institution run by the state does not adequately meet the demands for specialist health care by the citizenry.


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