Flags and coats of arms of the Austrian states

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The flags of the Austrian states show two (or three) stripes in the main colours of the respective arms. These flags are the state flags and are shown with the coats of arms, although it is common for them to be shown without it. Without the coats of arms, some flags are very similar, such as those of Tyrol and Upper Austria (also nearly identical to the flag of Poland). Frequently, the flags are used in vertical variants with or without coat of arms. As well, the coats of arms of the Austrian States are shown.

State Flag without arms Flag with arms Coat of arms
Burgenland Flag of Burgenland.svg Flag of Burgenland (state).svg Burgenland Wappen.svg
Carinthia (Kärnten) Flag of Carinthia.svg Flag of Carinthia (state).svg Kaernten CoA.svg
Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) Flag of Lower Austria.svg Flag of Lower Austria (state).svg Niederösterreich CoA.svg
Salzburg Flag of Salzburg.svg Flag of Salzburg (state).svg Salzburg Wappen.svg
Styria (Steiermark) Flag of Styria.svg Flag of Styria (state).svg Steiermark Wappen.svg
Tyrol (Tirol) Flag of Tirol.svg Flag of Tirol (state).svg AUT Tirol COA.svg
Upper Austria (Oberösterreich) Flag of Upper Austria.svg Flag of Upper Austria (state).svg Oberoesterreich Wappen.svg
Vienna (Wien) Flag of Vienna.svg Flag of Vienna (state).svg Wien 3 Wappen.svg
Vorarlberg Flag of Vorarlberg.svg Flag of Vorarlberg (state).svg Vorarlberg CoA.svg

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