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The former tower on the Gaiziņkalns (demolished in 2012)
Highest point
Elevation312 m (1,024 ft)
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates56°52′12.93″N 25°57′33.68″E / 56.8702583°N 25.9593556°E / 56.8702583; 25.9593556Coordinates: 56°52′12.93″N 25°57′33.68″E / 56.8702583°N 25.9593556°E / 56.8702583; 25.9593556
Gaiziņkalns is located in Latvia
Location of in Latvia
LocationBērzaune parish, Madona Municipality, Latvia

The Gaising or Gaiziņkalns (German: Mesenberg), at 1,022  feet (311,94[1]) above sea level, is the highest point in Latvia. It is situated a short distance to the west of the town of Madona, central Vidzeme.

Although only relatively low, Gaiziņkalns has been developed into a skiing area with three slopes and several guesthouses.[2] In order to rival Suur Munamägi – the highest point of neighbouring Estonia at 318 metres – a tower was built which exceeds the latter in height. Although the construction work was not finished, the tower became a popular tourist attraction, which led to its closure due to the serious risk to safety. The tower was demolished in December 2012, and the rubble removed. There is a nearby multilingual sign marking the high point, but nothing at the natural summit itself.

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