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The Gedoushu (外道衆, Gedōshū, [Note 1]) are the fictional antagonists of the thirty-third Super Sentai Series Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, facing the current (eighteenth) generation of Shinkengers, having been sealed away years ago by the previous generation of Shinkengers. In the world of Shinkenger, the Gedoushu are the inspiration of all the yōkai in Japanese mythology.[1] The main Gedoushu characters are modeled after the Seven Lucky Gods and sea creatures.[2]

Fictional history[edit]

The Gedoushu are malevolent spirits who arise as the result of sin-tainted souls that enter into the Sanzu River (三途の川, Sanzu-no-kawa) within the land of the dead. The Gedoshu maintain their wretched existence with the water of the Sanzu, and in order to maintain the river's levels, they constantly enter into the human world with the intent of running amok in order to feed the river with negative emotions of humans. If a Gedoshu spends too long in the human world, it eventually dries out, and petrifies if it can not return to the Sanzu. Cursed to be in a state between life and death, a Gedoushu can only be free of its existence if it is slain upon taking its Second Life, or if it is able to let go of the upādāna that damned it in the first place.

The Gedoushu under Doukoku reside on the Rokumon Junk (六門船, Rokumonsen) that sails along the Sanzu River. Others spend their time within the River itself until Doukoku or some other powerful being calls them. Using their ability to enter the living world through cracks and narrow gaps, Doukoku's minions set up a plan to terrorize humans in any way possible so that the river overflows to point of flooding into the mortal realm in order for them to invade in full fury. The Gedoushu can also become powerful during the time of Bon Festival.


Doukoku Chimatsuri (血祭 ドウコク, Chimatsuri Dōkoku, [Note 2]) (1-40 & 47-49) is the leader of the Gedoushu and is armed with the Shōryū Bakuzantō (昇竜抜山刀, Rising Dragon Mountain-Removing Sword), the Kōryū Gaiseitō (降竜蓋世刀, Descending Dragon World-Covering Sword), and possessing the power to seal his fellow Gedoushu. He is in a constant state of rage, originally endless until he heard the sound of Usuyuki's shamisen, becoming obsessed with her as he later takes her upon her rebirth into Dayu to soothe his rage along with sake. He targeted the Shiba House's previous Shinkengers, making it his goal to completely eliminate the Shiba House so no one would be able to stop him. However, while fighting the seventeenth head of the Shiba House, he was sealed away as the previous Shinken Red died. This seal was incomplete, and Doukoku was able to revive by the time of the next generation. To reach his goal again, Doukoku sends out Ayakashi to terrorize humans so the Sanzu River can overflow its banks into the mortal realm and enable him to unleash his full fury. This method of attack was later revealed to how he loses the rejuvenating qualities of its waters much faster than any other member of the Gedoushu and takes longer to soak the river's waters back into his body.

Learning of the seal placed on him, Doukoku briefly changes his plans to target Takeru as the death of the Shiba House would ensure that he would never be sealed again. But when that plan failed, Doukoku has his force carry on the original plan without giving wind of this knowledge to any Ayakashi with his own agenda. During the summer while in a comatose state that leaves him open to his enemies, Doukoku manages to suppress his magnified power. Later, after learning of Akamaro's true colors, Doukoku risks his life to enter the mortal realm to repair Dayu's shamisen after driving off Akumaro and defeating Shinken Red. As a result, he has to be submerged in the Sanzu River to rehydrate. But after the Shiba Clan true's eighteenth head is revealed, Doukoku's followers attempt to speed up his awakening by increasing the amount of suffering until Dayu uses Shinza's anguish to bring Doukoku back to the mortal realm. After absorbing Dayu's energy to heal his body, Doukoku gains immunity to the Sealing Character and can now endure being in the mortal realm without drying up. As a result, Doukoku overpowers the Shinkengers before bringing the Rokumon Junk into the mortal realm when the Sanzu River floods the city. Thinking he had broken the Shinkengers' spirits when they attempt to defeat him, Doukoku is immobilized before Shinken Blue delivers the final blow. Assuming his second life, Doukoku overpowers Samuraihaoh, blasting it and throwing off its components until only Shinkenoh remains, then impales it on his sword. However, the Shinkengers take advantage of the events and mortally wound him before he explodes. He attempts to take the Shinkengers down with him, but this fails as they survive the explosion.[3] Doukoku is modeled after Vaiśravaṇa (毘沙門天, Bishamonten) and a Japanese spiny lobster.[2]

Doukoku is voiced by Rintarō Nishi (西 凛太朗, Nishi Rintarō), who previously portrayed Shadam in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.


Tayu Usukawa (薄皮 太夫, Usukawa Dayū, [Note 3]) (1-48) is Doukoku's right hand and the only one he is kind to, provided she knows her place as his obedient, unquestioning servant. Doukoku takes her in after her rebirth as a Gedoushu, giving her the name she now goes by and telling her that she has nowhere else to go but to him. But her unique origins set her apart from normal Gedoshu as she can move freely in the mortal realm. In life, she was Usuyuki (薄雪) a shamisen player who obsessed over a man named Shinza. Scorned that he loved another woman instead of her, Usuyuki set fire to the building holding his wedding ceremony, killing him, his bride, and the entirety of their wedding party, in a suicidal crime of passion. Seeing that her love would remain unrequited to the bitter end, Usuyuki's emotions corrupt her soul and caused her rebirth into Tayu. The transformation also forcefully bonded Shinza's soul into the shamisen that Tayu carries with her, creating the eerie and unsettling songs that serve to soothe Doukoku's rage. The shamisen's headstock also doubles as the hilt of a shortsword Tayu uses in battle.

Of all the Gedoushu, Tayu has the most trouble getting along with the Ayakashi because of her previous life as a human, which she makes attempts to reclaim. One failed attempt results with her being saved by Juzo, developing feelings for the Gedounin as she begins to defy Doukoku's orders with her shamisen damaged as a result. Though her feelings for Shinza had long died, Tayu refuses to give him up as it would end her existence and desires to know the purpose behind it. Leaving Doukoku, Tayu wanders aimlessly until she is found by Akumaro who recruits her to his group in return for her instrument's restoration. Until it is repaired, she has to rely on the Sange Hankontō (散華斑痕刀, Glorious Death Spotted-Scars Sword) dagger in her fights. Upon learning that Akamaro never intended to repair her instrument, she attempts to reclaim her shamisen until Dokouku comes to her aid, using a piece of his body to restore the shamisen and reminding her of her place by his side. Soon after Akumaro's demise, Tayu returns to the Rokumon Junk to assist in Doukoku's reawakening. To that end, after finally having the answers to her questions, Tayu deliberately has Shinken Pink destroy her shamisen to not only discard her past life, but to also use Shinza's anguished soul to revive Doukoku. She later uses the last of her powers to restore Doukoku's body, giving him immunity to the Sealing Character and independence from the Sanzu River. With only her kimono remaining, Doukoku later throws it into the Sanzu River as a final respect to her.[4] Tayu is modeled after Benzaiten (弁財天), a sea slug, and various molluscs[2] and has elements of the futakuchi-onna (二口女).

Because of the nature of rendaku in Japanese, her name is only Usukawa Dayu when it is said in full; otherwise, it is Tayu. Thus, the December 2009 issue of Hyper Hobby magazine lists her name in English as "Tayu".[5]

Tayu is voiced by Romi Park (朴 璐美, Paku Romi), who also portrayed Usuyuki in her lone appearance on-screen.


Shitari of the Bones (骨のシタリ, Hone no Shitari, [Note 4]) is the Gedoushu's strategist, a squid-headed demon armed with a shakujō who awaited for Doukoku's revival. Shitari sees humans as mere specimens for his research, uncovering means to overflow the Sanzu River. He also possessed texts from the Shiba House which he used to learn about the seal placed on Doukoku. Though he warns Doukoku not to trouble himself with the Shiba House's sealing character so not to attract attention from certain Ayakashi, Shitari recruits Isagitsune in an attempt to slake his curiosity on what the sealing character is. He later recruits Oinogare in an attempt to re-open a well the Gedoushu used in the past as their base of operations by sacrificing nine maidens, formally introducing himself to the Shinkengers as a result.

While Doukoku is in a vulnerable state struggling with his surging power, the rogue Ayakashi Gozunagumo bullies Shitari into extorting the sealing character from Shinken Red. Despite poisoning Takeru, Shitari fails to get him to reveal the sealing character due to the combined interference of Shinken Gold and Juzo. When Doukoku revives and punishes Gozunagumo, Shitari freely confesses that the one thing he values above Doukoku is his own life and gains forgiveness from his leader out of amusement with his honesty. During the events of Kamen Rider Decade episodes 24 and 25, Shitari witnesses Daiki Kaitoh stealing the Ika Origami and sends the Ayakashi Chinomanako to investigate the otherworldly Kamen Rider Diend, causing the chain of events that would doom their world. When Akumaro arrives, Shitari expresses a great deal of distrust over the mysterious Gedoushu and not as much shocked when his impression of him was accurate yet was powerless to do anything against him as he realized Akumaro's intentions. After Dayu returns, Shitari decides to kill off Takeru, only to learn the truth behind him and the Shiba House's true leader and giving up one half of his life, in an attempt to speed up Doukoku's reawakening at the cost of having no second life should he be killed. He remains on the Rokumon Junk during Doukoku's final battle with the Shinkengers, going down with the ship as it sinks in response to its master's death while proclaiming that he will survive regardless of what happens.

Shitari later returns in Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, becoming Buredoran's right hand servant until learning his plan to drain the Sanzu River and refusing to go along with it. But during the climatic battle, gathering an army of followers to kill Buredoran and reclaim the Sanzu River, Shitari ends up facing the Gokaigers when they traveled from the near future and they mistakenly believe him to be a hindrance in their own affairs[Note 5]. With his army ultimately devastated, Shitari is destroyed by Gokai Red using the Go-On Red Ranger Key.[6] Shitari is modeled after Fukurokuju (福禄寿) and a squid.[2]

Shitari is voiced by Chō (チョー).


Juzo Fuwa (腑破 十臓, Fuwa Jūzō, [Note 6]) (7-47) is a mysterious Gedoushu, regarded by the others as a lone wolf, yet he seems to know more than Doukoku about the Sanzu River's true potential. 200 years ago, Juzo was a samurai in life who made a living as an assassin, disenchanted with the ways of bushidō and thriving more on the pleasure of killing his opponents in battle until he can no longer be physically able to wield a sword. He meets Akumaro who provides him with the katana Uramasa (裏正, "Injustice"), seemingly unaware that the blade was forged from the souls of his family who tried to free him from his blood lust. When he contracts a fatal illness, Juzo enters the Sanzu River to cheat death, completely discarding the goodness in his heart to become a Gedounin (外道人, Gedōnin), a half-Gedoushu that can freely exist in both realms and assume a human form. However, unlike other Gedounin who die out in a few years, Juzo endured over the centuries and thus is condemned with an insatiable urge to find an ideal opponent, a fellow samurai who strays from the teachings of bushidō, to clash blades with. As a result, Juzo mistakes the blade's cries of sadness for an equal lust for battle, believing that the souls of his family have lost their desire to stop him after he entered the Sanzu River.

He finds this opponent in Takeru Shiba, after witnessing his sword fighting as Shinken Red. This obsession with fighting Shinken Red leads Doukoku to seal Juzo's Gedoushu powers, leaving him for dead in the Sanzu River. Although he barely survives with Dayu's aid, he continues to defy Doukoku by making sure that Takeru is at his strongest for their next fight, even curing him of Shitari's poisoning. After a long battle in which he manages to severely wound Shinken Red, Juzo is defeated and falls off the cliff into the ocean below. However, Juzo survives with Uramasa's blade snapped in half. He remains in the mountainside until Dayu finds him and relays Akumaro's offer to work for him in return for restoring his blade. To his chagrin, he has to rely on the replacement Bantō Dokuhōmatsu (蛮刀毒泡沫, Barbarian Sword Poisonous Bubbles) that hampers his normal fighting style. Later fed up waiting for the Uramasa to be repaired, Juzo confronts Akumaro and learns his weapon's origins and that he is a pawn in Akumaro's plan. However, tricking Akumaro into giving him back his weapon and cutting him down, Juzo reveals he knew the truth behind Uramasa from the first time he held it, thus preventing Akumaro from fulfilling his plan. Later, after the real Shiba House head is revealed, Juzo gets Takeru to duel him once again before finally falling to him in battle with a delayed hit after Uramasa finally stops its master and denies him his only desire. Uramasa remains in the physical world after Juzo fades away until the souls that formed it are finally able to depart into the afterlife.[7] Juzo is modeled after the Shōjō (猩猩) of Japanese myth (It replaced Jurōjin (寿老人) and was sometimes depicted).[2]

Juzo is portrayed and voiced by Mitsuru Karahashi (唐橋 充, Karahashi Mitsuru), who previously portrayed Naoya Kaido/Snake Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555, Makage/Kagemaru in Lion Maru G, and Grande in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.


Akumaro Sujigarano (筋殻 アクマロ, Sujigarano Akumaro, 27-43,[Note 7]) is a Gedoushu general with six slitted eyes and rictus grin, whose ambition is to see Hell and savor the immense suffering that it holds. A master of the black arts, Akumaro can create monsters called Kirigami and teleport short distances to catch his opponents off guard. He also uses his iron claw hands, Sakushin Dantō Shaku (削身断頭笏, Sharpened Corpse Beheading Shaku), and kemari as weapons. Akumaro's modus operandi is to set up far-reaching plots with dangerous consequences that would ultimately result in the completion of the Urami Gandōgaeshi (裏見がんどう返し, Reversed Look Next Scene Revelation[Note 8]), a spell that opens up the gates of Hell. To that end he needed a Gedonin, killing off Juzo's family to create Uramasa and setting up his descent into Gedou.

Having battled the original Shinkengers in the past, they left him immobilized at the bottom of the Sanzu River. But when Doukoku's power burst revives him, he offers his services to Doukoku as gratitude. However, Doukoku strikes him near his left shoulder, ultimately creating a vulnerable spot. While pretending to aid Dokoku's group in raising the levels of the Sanzu River, taking any abuse from Doukoku to keep up his act, Akumaro starts setting up markers and recruits Juzo and Dayu into his service to make use of them. Eventually found out to be using Doukoku for his own agenda, Akumaro falls back after Doukoku nearly destroys him. However, with Doukoku resting, Akumaro takes the Rokumon Junk as his own while making the finishing touches on his master plan by completing the final marker to open up Hell and finishing Uramasa's repairs. Although he comes close to his goal, Akumaro is left with nothing when he realizes Juzo can not complete the Urami Gandōgaeshi and goes into an enraged fury before the Shinkengers use the Rekka Daizantou and Super Mougyu Bazooka to slay him. After becoming a giant, Akumaro battles the Samurai Giants and DaiGoyou with his Kirigami before Samuraihaoh uses the Kyoryu Origami to form Super SamuraiHaOh and destroy him, with Akumaro laughing as his desire to see Hell is finally granted with his death.[8] Akumaro is modeled after Ebisu (えびす) and a shachihoko of Japanese myth.[2]

Akumaro is voiced by Ryō Horikawa (堀川 りょう, Horikawa Ryō).


Manpuku Aburame (脂目 マンプク, Aburame Manpuku, [Note 9]) is the main antagonist in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger The Movie: The Fateful War, the leader of the Kusare Gedoushu (クサレ外道衆, Kusare Gedōshū, [Note 10]) a group of powerful Gedoushu that exudes a corpse-like stench that was sealed away three centuries ago by Retsudou Shiba. However, he is revived by Doukoku along with his followers during the summer-time and offers to kill off the Shinkengers for him with no intent on ruling the mortal realm. With his massive army, Manpuku overwhelmed the Shinkengers until Shinken Red breaks the seal on the Kusare Gedoushu's body to restore the Kyoryu Disk to its full power. After being slain by the five Shinkengers, revived as a giant as he opens up into his true form with a serpentine creature sticking out of his stomach, Manpuku is destroyed by Kyoryu-Shinkenoh. Manpuku is armed with the Saihainonari Ikusaono (采配形戦斧, Saihai-Shaped Battle Axe). Manpuku is modeled after Budai (布袋, Hotei) and a flapjack octopus.[2]

Manpuku is portrayed and voiced by Shinya Owada (大和田 伸也, Ōwada Shin'ya).


Buredoran of Chimatsuri (血祭のブレドラン, Chimatsuri no Buredoran)[Note 11] is disguise that Goseiger's main antagonist Brajira assumed in Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku. In Epic on Ginmaku, Buredoran takes the form of a Doukoku-style Gedoushu to revive Doukoku's followers under the deception that he is the heir to Doukoku himself. Aided joined by the Ayakashi Madakodama, Buredoran brainwashes Shinken Red so he can use their talents in a scheme to open a portal to the Gosei World and transfer the entire Sanzu River there, not caring on the survival of the Gedoushu without the water. After the latter is freed from his control, Buredoran battles GoseiRed and ShinkenRed with phantoms in his Warstar and Yuumaju forms before being defeated. Though mortally wounded by Ground Hyper Gosei Great's Mojikara Headder Strike, Buredoran's near lifeless body is later revealed to be discovered by Matrintis Empire's Metal-Alice. Like Doukoku, Buredoran carries a broadsword similar to Doukoku's Shōryū Bakuzantō and uses Gedou Chimatsuri Bullet (外道血祭弾, Gedō Chimatsuri Dan) attack. He is modeled after an antlion.[9][10]

As with all incarnations of the character, Buredoran is voiced by Nobuo Tobita (飛田 展男, Tobita Nobuo).


The Nanashi Company (ナナシ連中, Nanashi Renjū, [Note 12]) are the Gedoushu's foot soldiers, armed with various weapons, they can freely enter the mortal realm at whim. There are another group of Nanashi known as the Ōnanashi Company (大ナナシ連中, Ōnanashi Renjū), who are naturally born giant with a flying variation called the Ōzora Nanashi Company (大空ナナシ連中, Ōzora Nanashi Renjū).[11] The Nanashi Company are modeled after a coral and a sea anemone.[2]

In the film, the Kusare Nanashi and Kusare Ōnanashi Companies, part of the Kusare Gedoushu, resemble normal Nanashi and Ōnanashi but in purple garbed attire.

In the Special DVD, a rogue member of the Nanashi Company serves as the main antagonist after stealing the Inromaru and using it to become a Super Nanashi (スーパーナナシ, Sūpā Nanashi) before being destroyed by Hyper Shinken Gold and Shinken Red. He is the only member of the Nanashi Company who can speak clearly in Japanese. Super Nanashi is voiced by Bin Shimada (島田 敏, Shimada Bin).

In Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, the Strengthened Nanashi (強化ナナシ, Kyōka Nanashi) and Strengthened Ōnanashi (強化大ナナシ, Kyōka Ōnanashi) Companies under Shitari resemble normal Nanashi and Ōnanashi but in black garbed attire. However, they, along with Shitari, are ultimately finished by the Gokaigers.


The Nosakamata (ノサカマタ, [Note 13]) are monsters within the Sanzu River that are more powerful than the Nanashi. The Nosakamata resemble tremendous, skull-like, eyeless, crocodilian heads on two legs, and can shoot fireballs from their mouths. There are also some Nosakamata known as the Ōnosakamata (大ノサカマタ, Ōnosakamata) which are naturally born giant. The Nosakamata are the basis for the Nozuchi (野槌).[2]

In the film, the Kusare Nosakamata and the Kusare Ōnosakamata, part of the Kusare Gedoushu, resemble blue skinned Nosakamata and Ōnosakamata.

In Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, the Strengthened Nosakamata (強化ノサカマタ, Kyōka Nosakamata) and the Strengthened Ōnosakamata (強化大ノサカマタ, Kyōka Ōnosakamata) under Shitari resemble black skinned Nosakamata and Ōnosakamata. However, they, along with Shitari, are ultimately finished by the Gokaigers.


The Susukodama (スス木霊, [Note 14]) are a furred ball-like soot settling in roof of the Rokumon Junk's interior, appearing whenever Doukoku's infuriated enough for them to descend, annoyingly repeating people's words while giggling. One accompanies Dayu in her wandering after it is tossed out of the Rokumon Junk and into the mortal realm, singing in imitation of her shamisen. After Dayu sacrifices herself, Doukoku crushes the Susukodama by stepping on it.


Kirigami (切神) are monsters created by Akumaro from real kirigami he makes by using his claws to cut paper in the shape of a monster, which then transforms into a giant monster. The Kirigimi have two variations: Those with metal pincers for hands, and those with normal hands that wield Matsuba Sōbokutō (松葉双朴刀, Pine Needle Paired Magnolia Swords).


The Ayakashi (アヤカシ, Ayakashi, [Note 15]) are ancient spirits with nightmarish forms that serve the Gedoushu, dwelling within the depths of the Sanzu River until being summoned to go through the gap. However, they can only remain in the mortal world until they begin to dry up, returning to the Sanzu River to regain their moisture. Each Ayakashi has two lives, the human-sized first life (一の目, ichi no me), followed by the giant second life (二の目, ni no me) after they are slain in their first life.[12]

  • Kagekamuro (カゲカムロ) (1): Kagekamuro is the first of the Ayakashi, armed with the Hiki Sōgantō (悲喜双顔刀, Joy and Sorrow Paired Face Swords), two blades that double as guns. He is destroyed by Shinken Red in battle, Kagekamuro resurrects into a giant that is destroyed by the Origami. The giant face in his lower body made him the base of the Ōkamuro (大かむろ).[13] Voiced by Nobuo Tobita (飛田 展男, Tobita Nobuo).
  • Ootsumuji (オオツムジ, Ōtsumuji) (2): Ootsumuji is armed with the Senpū Ōgamatō (旋風大鎌刀, Whirlwind Scythe Sword) and uses his hair to create gust of wind to hit his opponents in his Shinkūtsumuji Muchi (真空つむじ鞭, Vacuum-Whirl Whip) attack. Send to terrorize humans by causing massive damage and gathering all humans in the area, Ootsumuji is the first Ayakashi to be slain by Shinkenoh. His appearance and abilities made him the origin of the Kamaitachi (窮奇).[14] Voiced by Daisuke Gōri (郷里 大輔, Gōri Daisuke).
  • Rokuroneri (ロクロネリ) (3): Arrogant in personality, Rokuroneri's talent is his Kaina Nobashi (かいなのばし, Stretching Arms), extending his arms to attack from long distances in the underground. Shinken Green manages to outwit Rokoruneri and destroy him, with Shinkenoh destroying the Ayakashi when revived. His Kaina Nobashi technique made him the base of the myth of the Tsuchikorobi (土転び).[15] Voiced by Takashi Nagasako (長嶝 高士, Nagasako Takashi).
  • Namiayashi (ナミアヤシ) (4): Namiayashi is a two-toned Ayakashi who is armed with the Aodake Dankatsusō (青竹断割槍, Green Bamboo Split Spear). Laidback and disturbing in personality, Namiayashi is sent by Shitari to increase the River by doing what he loves best, making others cry. Appearing in the mortal realm before a boy named Ryota, he accomplish his goal by tricking the boy with a false promise of seeing his grandfather again. His attack is the Tora Tsunami (虎津波, Tiger Tsunami), creating a tiger from the right half of his body and a Sanzu River wave from his left to take out two opponents. He is destroyed by Shinken Blue and Shinken Pink, and then destroyed by Shinkenoh. His physical appearance and special attack make him the base for the Suiko (水虎) myth.[16] Voiced by Kōji Tobe (戸部 公爾, Tobe Kōji).
  • Yanasudare (ヤナスダレ) (5): Yanasudare is an Ayakashi armed with the Ryūshi Rendanjū (柳糸連弾銃, Slim-Thread Two-Handed Gun), immune to any physical attack. He attacks whatever he considers pointless to exist in order to send humans into a state of utter despair. But as he can be hurt with Modikara, Yanasudare is destroyed by Shinken Red using the Kabuto Disc's power and then destroyed by Kabuto-Shinkenoh. His appearance and his imperviousness to physical attacks made him the basis of the Fusuma () of Japanese myth.[17] Voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida (土田 大, Tsuchida Hiroshi), who previously played Saizou/NinjaBlue, in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.
  • Zuboshimeshi (ズボシメシ) (6): Zuboshimeshi is an Ayakashi armed with the Shitasaki Sanjakutō (舌先三尺刀, Tip of the Tongue Three-Foot Sword) sent to raise the Sanzu River by tapping in the mind of his victims and finding the one word that best describes them negatively to turn their emotional pain into a physical one. Due to Shinken Yellow's upbringing, she is unaffected consciously and drives Zuboshimeshi off. Resurfacing later, he goes after Shinken Yellow until Shinken Green's meddling allows the Ayakashi's mouth to gagged, then immediately slain with the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet before destroyed again by Kabuto-Shinkenoh. His ability to see into the minds of others is the basis of the Satori () of Japanese myth.[18] Voiced by Issei Futamata (二又 一成, Futamata Issei).
  • Yamiororo (ヤミオロロ) (7): Yamiororo is a barnacle-like Ayakashi that is born in the depths of the Sanzu River, able to breathe out a poison that kills the victim in a few days and is armed with the Edamata Sensenken (枝又尖扇剣, Branching Sharp Fan Sword). Clinging to the Rokumon Junk and annoying Doukoku, Yamiororo is sent to the mortal realm to do as much damage as his predecessor had done in the past. However the power of the Kajiki Origami neutralizes his poison as he is destroyed by the Kajiki Five Rings Bullet and then destroyed by Kajiki-Shinkenoh. His plant like appearance is the basis of the Kodama (木霊) of Japanese myth.[19] Voiced by Hideyuki Umezu (梅津 秀行, Umezu Hideyuki).
  • Hitomidama (ヒトミダマ) (9): Hitomidama is an arrogant showy Ayakashi armed with the Ōkainonari Tedate (大貝形手盾, Large Shell-Shaped Shield) and a whip who is able to take control over his opponents, making them puppets to his will. He used this ability on both Tora Origami and Ryunosuke, having them fight for him. But after Takeru frees Ryunosuke from Hitomidama's control, he frees the Tora Origami as the Ayakashi is destroyed by the vassals and then destroyed by Tora-Shinkenoh. His head, which resembles a big eyeball is the basis of the Hitotsume-kozō (一つ目小僧) of Japanese myth.[20] Voiced by Ryuzou Ishino (石野 竜三, Ishino Ryūzō).
  • Okakurage (オカクラゲ) (10): Okakurage is an Ayakashi armed with the Sakasarokkotsu Tansō (逆六骨短槍, Inversed Six-Boned Short-Spear), using it to conjure rain storms whose rain drops induce despair on those it rains on, calling it a blessing. Okakurage can also unfold the umbrella on his head to fly and thus have an advantage over his land-based opponents. Okakurage was destroyed by Shinken Green, overwhelming Shinkenoh as a giant until DaiTenku is formed to counter the Ayakashi in the air before finishing him off. Due to his umbrella like head, he is the basis of the Kasabake (傘化け) of Japanese myth.[21] Voiced by Hidenari Ugaki (宇垣 秀成, Ugaki Hidenari).
  • Ushirobushi (ウシロブシ) (11 & 12): Ushirobushi is the most feared among the Ayakashi, armed with the Onikōbe Sekkeitō (鬼首楔形刀, Oni's Head Wedge Sword) that he uses in his Oni Sword Two-Step Slash (鬼刀二段斬り, Onigatana Nidan Giri) attack. He is sent by Shitari to kill Shinken Red, but Juzo's interence forces him to fall back when he starts to dry up. Ushirobushi later resumes his task, only to be destroyed by the Tora Five Rings Bullet and finally destroyed by Tenku-Shinkenoh. His upper body, which resembles an angry beast, is the basis of the Otoroshi (おとろし) of Japanese myth.[22] Voiced by Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一, Suwabe Jun'ichi).
  • Nakinakite (ナキナキテ) (13): Nakinakite is an Ayakashi armed with the Niekane Jigokukon (沸鉄地獄棍, Seething Iron Hellish Cane), he is sent to deploy his Shiro-Oniko (白鬼子, Shirooniko, "White Oni Child") to take over a child's place, placing the original in a state of sadness. Nakinakite can also create the deadly infantile Aka-Oniko (赤鬼子, Akaoniko, "Red Oni Child") that latch onto his opponents and slowly increase in weight over time if unhappy, eventually crushing his opponents. Nakinakite is destroyed by Shinken Yellow and Shinken Pink, and then destroyed by Shinkenoh after he was being weighed down by DaiTenku. He and his Akaoniko are the basis of the Konaki-jijī (子泣き爺) of Japanese myth.[23] Voiced by Rokuro Naya (納谷 六朗, Naya Rokurō).
  • Hachouchin (ハチョウチン, Hachōchin) (14): Hachouchin is an Ayakashi that has the features of an elephant and is capable of breathing fire. Being extremely short tempered, he actually provoked Doukoku out of not being called forth before Dayuu convinces him to turn his anger issue on the humans. When the Shinkengers attempt to fight him, they learn that only Shinken Blue's Modikara can wound him. He was first destroyed by the Kajiki Five Rings Bullet and then destroyed by Tenku-Shinkenoh. His appearance and powers are the basis of the Chōchinobake (提灯お化け, Chōchin'obake) of Japanese myth.[24] Voiced by Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (下山 吉光, Shimoyama Yoshimitsu).
  • Narisumashi (ナリスマシ) (15): Narisumashi is a happy go-lucky Ayakashi with the ability to assume the guise of another, armed with the Urizane Fukusōtō (瓜実複相刀, Melon Diploid Sword) that can split into two. His attack is the Finishing Darkness Slash (必殺暗黒斬り, Hissatsu Ankoku Giri) with his Urizane Fukusōtō. He assumed Chiaki's form to cause trouble among the team, intending to kill the confused and depressed Chiaki once he complete his plan. However, seeing his reflection, Chiaki tricks him in order to expose him to the others. He was first destroyed by the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet and then destroyed by Tenku-Shinkenoh. His featureless face and shapeshifting powers are the basis of the faceless Noppera-bō (野箆坊) of Japanese myth.[25] Voiced by Masaru Ōbayashi (大林 勝, Ōbayashi Masaru).
  • Marigomori (マリゴモリ) (16): Marigomori is a whiny, introverted Ayakashi with the ability to curl into his snail-like ironclad armor who's bent on making everyone more miserable than he is. But using a combination of heat and water, the Shinkengers manage to weaken the shell to use the Tora Five Rings Bullet to destroy him. Revived, he is weakened by the elemental attacks of Shinkenoh's Kabuto and Kajiki armor forms before it becomes Tora-Shinkenoh to finish him off. His hard, shell-like armor is the inspiration for the Sazae-oni (栄螺鬼) of Japanese myth.[26] Voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki (市来 光弘, Ichiki Mitsuhiro).
  • Isagitsune (イサギツネ) (17): Isagitsune is an Ayakashi master of the black arts with knowledge of 100 spells, armed with the Teni Yōsenken (天為葉扇剣, Natural Leaf-Fan Sword). Using his Fox Concealment Spell (狐隠れの術, Kitsune Gakure no Jutsu), he steals a hair from Takeru to conduct his Mirror Reflection Spell (鏡映しの術, Kagami Utsushi no Jutsu) to spy on Takeru to look for the sealing character until his cover is blown. His other spells include Fox Whirling Spell (狐つむじの術, Kitsune Tsumuji no Jutsu), Foxfire Spell (狐火の術, Kitsunebi no Jutsu), Fox Throwing Stones (狐つぶて, Kitsune Tsubute), Fox Technique Reversal (狐技返し, Kitsune Waza Gaeshi), Copycat Fox (真似狐, Mane Gitsune), and Yatagarasu Spell (八咫烏の術, Yatagarasu no Jutsu). He is destroyed by Shinken Gold, and then destroyed by Tenku-Shinkenoh with help from the Ika Origami. His appearance and mysterious techniques are the basis of the Kitsune () of Japanese myth.[27] Voiced by Ikuya Sawaki (沢木 郁也, Sawaki Ikuya).
  • Hyakuyappa (ヒャクヤッパ) (18): Hyakuyappa is a dangerous Ayakashi master of 100 blades, armed with the Muradachi Senjintō (群立千刃刀, Standing Thousand-Blades Sword) and able to use the bladed projections on his body as tendrils. His attacks include Full-Body Blades (全身刃, Zenshin Yaiba) and Shuriken Turbulence Shot (手裏剣乱れ撃ち, Shuriken Midareuchi). He goes to fight the Shinkengers to avenge Isagitsune, nearly killing the five before he falls back into the Sanzu River. By the time he resumes his campaign of vengeance, the Shinkengers have Shinken Gold by their side. He is destroyed by a Fiery Dance/Hundred Fillets combo, Hyakuyappa battled Shinkenoh upon being revived before Shinken Gold arrives in the Ika Origami to form Ika-Shinkenoh who freezes the Ayakashi before finishing him off with Squid Flash. His appearance and weapons are the basis of the Amikiri (網切) of Japanese myth.[28] Voiced by Chihiro Suzuki (鈴木 千尋, Suzuki Chihiro).
  • Oinogare (オイノガレ) (19): Oinogare is an Ayakashi aiding Shitari in sacrificing schoolgirls, armed with the Aburatsuki Nameribantō (油坏滑蛮刀, Oil Dish-Slip Barbarian Sword) and able to slip his opponents' attacks. His attack is the Sanzu Oily Hell (三途の油地獄, Sanzu no Abura Jigoku), which allows him to disarm his opponents by making their weapons too slippery to be held in their hands. However, the attack was used against him when Shinken Red uses his Fiery Dance attack to ignite Oinogare's body in flames as Shinken Gold and Shinken Blue (with the Sakanamaru and Blue's Shinkenmaru tied to their hands) destroy him with their Current Hundred Fillets attack. In the end, the revived Ayakasahi is frozen by Ika-Shinkenoh and destroyed with the Squid Flash. His oil and its properties are the basis of the Abura-sumashi (油すまし) of Japanese myth.[29] Voiced by Toshiharu Sakurai (桜井 敏治, Sakurai Toshiharu).
  • Utakasane (ウタカサネ) (20): Utakasane is an Ayakashi armed with the Otomata Meikyōtō (音叉鳴響刀, Tuning Fork Echo Sword) who steals peoples' souls with his Soul Remove (魂離脱, Tamashii Ridatsu) and break up his body in his Hundred-Parts Separation (百体分離, Hyakutai Bunri) offense/defense combo. Acquiring a large number of 54 souls, including Kotoha's, Utakasane reveals the souless bodies have a day to live before falling back into the Sanzu River so that he wouldn't be destroyed before his mission is complete. However, Genta planted a Modikara on Utakasane that not only forces him back to the mortal realm when Ebi Orgami is brought to life, but also to keep him from utilizing his Hundred Separation move. He is destroyed by the Shinkengers, Utakasane is destroyed by Daikaioh Higashi's Lobster Claw Professional Payback. The effects of his Soul Remove technique are the basis of the Uwan (うわん) of Japanese myth.[30] Voiced by Mitsuki Saiga (斎賀 みつき, Saiga Mitsuki).
  • Sasamatage (ササマタゲ) (21): Sasamatage is an Ayakashi armed with the Fukusui Chōgekiken (覆水長戟剣, Spilt Water Long Ji Sword). Finding the Rokumon Junk empty, Sasamatage decides to cause trouble on his own by placing his eggs on humans to make them violent. He is destroyed by the teamwork of Shinken Red, Blue and Yellow, Sasamatage enlarges and is quickly destroyed by the teamwork of Tenku-Shinkenoh and Daikaioh. His appearance is the basis of the Kameosa (瓶長) of Japanese myth.[31] Voiced by Mitsuaki Hoshino (星野 充昭, Hoshino Mitsuaki).
  • Urawadachi (ウラワダチ) (22): Urawadachi is an Ayakashi armed with the Sanshi Hōtengeki (蚕糸方天戟, Silk-Thread Square Sky Ji), able to turn himself into a cloth. Lives to slurp up lives, acting out of the Gedoushu, while Doukoku is resting. He looks for a tasty life and finds it in Matsumiya, possessing the young man's clothing through his feelings for Kotoha. When Kotoha breaks Matsumiya's heart, Urawadachi is forced out before being destroyed by the Tora Five Rings Bullet and then destroyed by Ika-Daikaioh. His ability to hide on other people's clothes and his powers are the basis of the Ittan-momen (一反木綿) of Japanese myth.[32] Voiced by Shinya Fukumatsu (ふくまつ 進紗, Fukumatsu Shinya).
  • Gozunagumo (ゴズナグモ) (23 & 24): Gozunagumo is a spider-like Ayakashi who is unwilling to continue taking orders from Doukoku. Gozunagumo recruits Shitari to aid him in disposing of Doukoku by finding out what the sealing character is. Though he overpowered the vassals, to give Shitari time to get the Sealing Character from Takeru, Gozunagumo is sucked back to the Rokumon Junk, as the newly awakened Doukoku punishes him for his attempt on him by infusing him with his power, turning the Ayakashi into a mindless beast as he destroyed by Super Shinken Red and then destroyed by Daikai-Shinkenoh with the IkaTenku Buster. His appearance is the basis of the Ushi-oni (牛鬼) of Japanese myth.[33] Voiced by Kunihiko Yasui (安井 邦彦, Yasui Kunihiko).
  • Yumebakura (ユメバクラ) (25 & 26): Yumebakura is a man-eating Ayakashi that looks like a rhinoceros-like monster with a sideways elephant-like head behind it. He was sent to put Dayu to sleep and remember her origin by exuding a sleep-inducing mist. Once his job is done, he then enters the dream world so he can eat the dream incarnations of his human victims (thereby killing them). However, Shinken Blue and Shinken Green enter the Dream World after him and force the Ayakashi out before breaking his hold over his victims. Appearing the next day with the Meimō Kyōmuken (迷妄凶夢剣, Delusion Nightmare Sword) and intent to eat humans after convincing by Doukoku and Shitari, Yumebakura is defeated by Super Shinken Blue and destroyed by Daikai-Shinkenoh with the IkaTenku Buster. His appearance and method of feeding is the basis of the Baku () of Japanese myth.[34] Voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi (小杉 十郎太, Kosugi Jūrōta).
  • Sogizarai (ソギザライ) (36): Sogizarai is an Ayakashi who ends his sentences with "shaka." He is able to spin around with destructive force. He is initially defeated by Super Shinken Yellow, and then destroyed by Samuraihaoh. He is the basis of the Yama-oroshi (山颪) of Japanese myth.[35] Voiced by Mitsuo Iwata (岩田 光央, Iwata Mitsuo).
  • Mochibetori (モチベトリ) (37): Mochibetori is an Ayakashi armed with the Shirahani Sukibanomata (白埴鋤歯叉, White-Clay Spade Teeth Fork). His attack is the Mochi Pellet (もちつぶて, Mochi Tsubute), firing a glob of glue which allows him to bind his opponents as long as he lives. After being slain by Shinken Blue and Green, he is destroyed by Mougyudaioh. He is the basis of the Betobeto-san (べとべとさん) of Japanese myth.[36] Voiced by Rīchi (りーち).
  • Ikusazure (イクサズレ) (38): Ikusazure is an Ayakashi armed with the Chōhazure Engaijū (帳外炎鎧銃, Peasant Fiery-Armored Gun) who is the commander of the Nanashi Rifle Squad (ナナシ鉄砲隊, Nanashi Teppōtai) and the Ōnanashi Ōzutsu Squad (大ナナシ大筒隊, Ōnanashi Ōzutsutai) formed by Shitari in response to Akumaro's constant failure. After being slain by Super Shinken Red, he is destroyed by Mougyudaioh. He is the basis of the Tsurubebi (釣瓶火) of Japanese myth.[37] Voiced by Yōsuke Akimoto (秋元 羊介, Akimoto Yōsuke).
  • Yomotsugari (ヨモツガリ) (44): Yomotsugari is an Ayakashi summoned by Shitari for the task of killing the eighteenth head of the Shiba House: Takeru. To achieve that, she receives the Onibidama (鬼火弾, Onibi Bullets), created from the Sanzu River's Onibi which will cause the Fire Modikara of its target to be consumed in flames. After being slain by Super Shinken Red, she is destroyed by the Sisi Origami when it is piloted by Kaoru Shiba, the true eighteenth head of the Shiba House. Her appearance is the basis of the Onmoraki (陰摩羅鬼) of Japanese myth.[38] Voiced by Atsuko Yuya (湯屋 敦子, Yuya Atsuko).
  • Oborojime (オボロジメ) (46): Oborojime is an Ayakashi armed with the Chikemuri Sakanokotō (血煙逆鋸刀, Blood-Spray Wicked Sawblade). Sent by Shitari to increase enough human suffering to wake Doukoku from his slumber, Oborojime was given half of Shitari's life force which gave him an additional third life (三の目, san no me), a serpentine mist-like form. His first two lives taken by the Mougyu Bazooka and Tenku-Shinkenoh, it finally takes Samuraihaoh to destroy Oborojime in his third life. He is the basis of the Enenra (煙々羅, en'enra) of Japanese myth.[39] Voiced by Naomi Kusumi (楠見 尚己, Kusumi Naomi).

Akumaro's Ayakashi[edit]

These Ayakashi are used in Akumaro's plans to open the pathway between the mortal realm and Hell, each given an arena to cause enough anguish to create a marker.

  • Abekonbe (アベコンベ) (27): Abekonbe is an Ayakashi armed with the Sujigumonokasane Nagamaki (筋雲重長巻, Cirrus Cloud-fold Nagamaki) who came into being around the same time as Doukoku, though he serves under Akumaro. Representing his master, Abekonbe emerges from bottom of the Sanzu River to offer his aid to Doukoku. Able to fire orbs from his mouth, Abekonbe possesses the power to switch people's souls with that of inanimate objects, intent on using this ability to turn the mortal realm where people unintentionally kill each other. After being forced to mortally wound his body to undo his spell upon being tricked, Abekonbe is destroyed by Daikai-Shinkenoh. His appearance is the basis of the Kasha (火車) of Japanese myth.[40] Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama (檜山 修之, Hiyama Nobuyuki).
  • Dokurobou (ドクロボウ, Dokurobō) (29): Dokurobo is an skull-faced Ayakashi who serves under Akumaro, creepy and full of himself while armed with the Nuregami Itomayutō (濡髪糸眉刀, Wet Hair Thread Eyebrow Sword). Dokurobou has the ability to create shadow clones of himself, using them to weaken his opponents while he waits for them to falter and then make his move. But this ability is countered by DaiGoyou. His appearance is the basis of the Kyōkotsu (狂骨) of Japanese myth.[41] Voiced by Dai Matsumoto (松本 大, Matsumoto Dai).
  • Kugutsukai (クグツカイ) (30): Kugutsukai is an Ayakashi who serves under Akumaro and is able to control people with strings like a puppeteer. Targeting the Takashiro Academy, Kugutsukai intends to create a puppet army out of the student body. Once he is discovered, the Ayakashi uses his army on the Shinkengers. He is slain by Super Shinken Blue before being destroyed again by Shinken DaiGoyou. He is the basis of the Kosode-no-te (小袖の手) of Japanese myth.[42] Voiced by Taketora (武虎).
  • Happouzu (ハッポウズ, Happōzu) (32 & 33): Happouzu is an Ayakashi armed with the Shinen Ryōhotō (深淵稜堡刀, Abyss Bastion Sword) who can shoot fireballs from his body. Serving under Akumaro, he is sent to acquire the Ushi Origami by any means. When he fails, Happouzu decides to destroy the Origami instead. He is ultimately destroyed by Mougyudaioh. He is the basis of the Raijū (雷獣) of Japanese myth.[43] Voiced by Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹, Inada Tetsu), previously the voice of Highness Duke Org Shuten of Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger and Doggy Kruger/DekaMaster of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.
  • Futagawara (フタガワラ) (35): Futagawara is a gluttonous Ayakashi who serves under Akumaro, capable of consuming objects with his hands. Sent to the mortal realm, Futagawara eats everything in sight, including Ryunosuke's Shodo Phone. By the time he gets full, Futagawara is killed by Juzo and Dayu in order for Akumaro's plan to complete with the Ayakashi showing his true power. Once in his second life, Futagawara's arms are converted into two halves of a nearly impenetrable wall with a face whose eyes shoot beams. He manages to withstand Daikai-Shinkenoh's attacks before being destroyed once and for all by Samuraihaoh, after breaching the wall and then using the Modikara Great Shot Circle. The appearance of the wall in his second life is the basis of the Nurikabe (塗壁) of Japanese myth.[44] Voiced by Hisanori Koyatsu (小谷津 央典, Koyatsu Hisanori).
  • Sunasusuri (スナススリ) (41): Sunasusuri is an Ayakashi armed with the Kyōsa Kanbatsutō (凶砂旱魃刀, Evil Sand Drought Sword) who serves under Akumaro, using his sand to induce an insatiable appetite in humans to create the conditions of a Gaki Hell (餓鬼地獄, Gaki Jigoku) in the Kuroiwa Beach area. After being slain by Super Shinken Yellow, he is destroyed by Samuraihaoh. He is the basis of the Preta (餓鬼, Gaki) of Japanese myth.[45] Voiced by Taiki Matsuno (松野 太紀, Matsuno Taiki), previously the voice of Shurikenger in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger.
  • Tsubotoguro (ツボトグロ) (42): Tsubotoguro is an Ayakashi who serves under Akumaro, sent to Kumocho to unleash a swarm of Pain Insects (絶痛虫, Zettsūchū) from his body to induce stomach pain in people. After being slain by Super Shinken Red, he is destroyed by Daikai-Shinkenoh with the IkaTenku Buster. He is the basis of the Hitōban (飛頭蛮) of Japanese myth.[46] Voiced by Keiichi Sonobe (園部 啓一, Sonobe Keiichi).

Other Ayakashi[edit]

  • Chinomanako (チノマナコ): Chinomanako is an Ayakashi who appears in Kamen Rider Decade episodes 24 and 25. He steals the Diendriver from Kamen Rider Diend and becomes Chinomanako Diend (チノマナコ・ディエンド変身態, Chinomanako Diendo Henshintai), no longer dependent on the Sanzu River while able to summon Nanashi from the cracks on his body and summon monsters from cards. Causing a distortion in their world with his existence, the Shinkengers manage to destroy Chinomanako with help from Kamen Rider Decade and Kamen Rider Kuuga. His appearance is the basis of the Mokumokuren (目目連) of Japanese myth. Voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo (大友 龍三郎, Ōtomo Ryūzaburō).
  • Azemidoro (アゼミドロ) (31): Azemidoro is a Kusare Ayakashi (クサレアヤカシ, Kusare Ayakashi) armed with the Suitetsu Shibyōkon (水蛭支鋲棍, Water Fluke Branched-Rivet Staff) who is the last surviving member of the Kusare Gedoushu. Intent on succeeding where Manpuku failed, Azemidoro sets up a trap for the Shinkengers, taking advantage of humans' selfless actions. In the end, he underestimates the Shinkengers and is defeated by Hyper Shinken Red before being destroyed by Kyoryu-Shinkenoh and Daikaioh. His appearance is the basis of the Dorotabō (泥田坊) of Japanese myth.[47] Voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi (坂口 候一, Sakaguchi Kōichi), previously the voice of Duke Org Yabaiba of Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
  • Homurakogi (ホムラコギ): Homurakogi is an Ayakashi armed with a pair of Enma Daikarin (焔摩大火輪, Flame Mount Giant Fire Wheel), assigned by Doukoku to aid the Gaiark President Batcheed in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!!. After being slain by the Shinkengers and the Go-ongers, he is used by Batcheed as a living shield and is subsequently destroyed by the Origami and the Engines. His appearance is the basis of the Oboroguruma (朧車) of Japanese myth. Voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino (吉野 裕行, Yoshino Hiroyuki).
  • Demebakuto (デメバクト): Demebakuto is a manical Ayakashi armed with the Saiten Tōrōsō (賽転灯籠槍, Rolling Dice Lantern Spear) who after assuming his second life, Demebakuto uses his Enveloping Hands to trap the Shinkengers in a movie-based dream world with his revolving lantern and its dream-word counterparts keeping the illusion up. After breaking free, they use Daikai-Shinkenoh to turn his attack on him before finally destroying him. His appearance is the basis of the Te-no-me (手の目) of Japanese myth. Voiced by Akio Suyama (陶山 章央, Suyama Akio). He appears in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Returns.
  • Guromaguro (グロマグロ): Guromaguro is an Ayakashi who shoots water from his head and uses the Water Sealing Spell (封水の術, Fūsui no Jutsu) sealing an opponent into his water. He only appears in a manga adaptation of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
  • Madakodama (マダコダマ): Madakodama is an Ayakashi who appeared in Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku. He aided Buredoran with his attempts to destroy the Goseigers' homeworld. He has the power to redirect the Goseiger's elemental attacks, but when the Shinkengers combined their power with the Goseiger's power, he was unable to redirect the attacks and was overwhelmed. After the Shinkenger and Goseiger kill him once, he is destroyed by Ground Gosei Great and Daikai-Shinkenoh. His ability is the basis of the Yama-biko (山彦) of Japanese myth. Voiced by Tesshō Genda (玄田 哲章, Genda Tesshō).


  1. ^ "Gedoushu" literally translates as "Heretical Party" (外道衆, Gedōshū). Gedō (外道) is also a term for a state of existence outside the six realms of Buddhist cosmology.
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