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Geek.Kon logo.png
Geek.Kon logo
Status Active
Genre Multi-genre
Venue Marriott Madison West Hotel and Convention Center
Location(s) Middleton, Wisconsin
Country United States
Inaugurated 2007
Attendance 1800+
Organized by Geek.Kon, Inc.
Filing status Not-for-profit

Geek.Kon is a multigenre convention in Madison, Wisconsin, United States.[1]


The convention was started by UW students Louise Behnke, head of the SciFi Club, and Jackie Lee, head of the Anime Club.[2] The two groups and the Madison Academics’ Gaming Enthusiast Society were planning the convention by March 2007.[3] Geek.Kon was first held began in October 2007 at the University of Wisconsin–Madison's George L. Mosse Humanities Building as a two day free convention. Expecting hundreds, it received over 1800 attendees.[4] In 2008, the convention expanded to include one of the upper floors of nearby Vilas Hall. In 2009 the convention separated from the University of Wisconsin, went private, moved to the Madison Sheraton Hotel, expanded to three days, and began charging admission.[5] Beginning in 2010, the convention moved to the Marriott Madison West Hotel in Middleton[6] and has been there ever since.

Event history[edit]

Dates Location Atten. Guests
October 6–7, 2007 University of Wisconsin–Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
1,800 Blame Society Productions,[2][3][7][8] Luke Ski,[3][7][9] Monte Cook,[3][7][10] Joan Vinge,[7] Sarah Monette, Aaron Pavao, Studio AntiThesis
September 27–28, 2008 University of Wisconsin–Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
1,144 Luke Ski, Chad Vader, David Salo, Sarah Monette, Aaron Pavao, Steam Century, Studio AntiThesis
October 23–25, 2009 Madison Sheraton Hotel
Madison, Wisconsin
1,036[11] Kyle Hebert, Raven Software, Chad Corrie, Steam Century, Aaron Pavao, The Spoony Bards, Fermata, Studio AntiThesis.[12]
September 3–5, 2010 Marriott Madison West
Middleton, Wisconsin
1,211 Christopher Ayres, Eric Vale, John Kovalic, Raven Software, Jim Frenkel, Bill Bodden, Matt Forbeck, Aaron Pavao, Monica Valentinelli, Matt McElroy, The Spoony Bards, Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies.[13]
September 9–11, 2011 Marriott Madison West
Middleton, Wisconsin
1,625 Bill Bodden, Troy Denning, Matt Forbeck, Jerry Jewell, John Kovalic, Aaron Pavao, David Salo, Sonny Strait, Monica Valentinelli, I Fight Dragons
September 7–9, 2012 Marriott Madison West
Middleton, Wisconsin
1,800 Elaine Cunningham, Caitlin Glass, Jerry Jewell, Matt McElroy, Aaron Pavao, Michael Stackpole, Eric Stuart, Monica Valentinelli[14]
August 23–25, 2013 Marriott Madison West
Middleton, Wisconsin
2,018 TBA


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