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Ghida Fakhry
Ghida Fakhry moderating at the World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings 2017.jpg
Ghida Fakhry moderating an event at the 2017 World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings
EducationSOAS University of London
OccupationCurrent Affairs Program Presenter with TRT World
Years active1995 – present
AgentHarry Walker Agency
Notable credit(s)
Witness (AJE) host

Ghida Fakhry is a [2] broadcast journalist, and current affairs program presenter with TRT World, and a moderator for Doha Debates[3] based in Washington, DC, as well as a contributor to the Huffington Post. She was a lead anchor for the global news channel Al Jazeera English at its launch in Washington DC,[4] and was later one of the primary anchors at the network's headquarters in Doha. She was also the host of Witness, an award-winning documentary program.[5]


Ghida Fakhry pursued a bilingual education, French and English leading up to a French baccalaureate degree.[citation needed] She later completed her undergraduate studies in London and received a Master's degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, graduating with distinction in 1996, she also received a Master of Arts degree in International Relations.[citation needed] She is fluent in English, Arabic and French and is conversational in Spanish.[6]


Ghida Fakhry started her career as a political correspondent for the London-based daily Asharq Al-Awsat. She later became New York Bureau Chief and Columnist[7] covering the annual General Assembly meetings of the UN. As New York Correspondent and Bureau Chief for Al Jazeera in 2000 she covered the 9/11 attacks. Fakhry conducted interviews in Washington D.C. with U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld,[8] and the Secretary of State, Colin Powell,[9] as well as several other senior State Department and Pentagon officials. She reported on location from Baghdad and Kabul in the summer of 2003 while traveling with Rumsfeld during his first trip to Iraq after the US-led invasion and covered his visit to the Abu Ghraib prison.[6]

Awards and Recognition[edit]

2007: Voted as one of four US-based news anchors in Esquire Magazine’s annual ‘Women We Love’[10]

2012: George Foster Peabody Award for Aljazeera’s coverage of the Arab Awakening[11]

2013: Named among the World’s Most Influential Arabs by Arabia Business Power 500[12]


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