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Gianni Lancia to the right of engineer Vittorio Jano.

Gianni Lancia (16 November 1924 – 30 June 2014) was an Italian former automobile engineer, industrialist and racing enthusiast, known for running the Lancia carmaker in Torino (1949–55). Born in Fobello (near Biella), he was the son of Vincenzo Lancia and Adele Miglietti, and brother of Anna Maria and Eleonora.

After his father's death (1937), the young Gianni Lancia took over, since 1945 assisted by technical director Vittorio Jano. Lancia's racing enthusiasm brought forward several expensive racing prototypes, which led the company to near-bankruptcy.[1] This, and the death of Lancia driver Alberto Ascari (May, 1955), caused him and his mother to sell off their shares in the Lancia company to Carlo Pesenti of Italcementi (June 1956). Since then, Gianni Lancia moved to South America a while, returned to France and Italy, and has since barred all interest in motorsports.[2]

He had two sons, Mariele and Vincenzo from his first marriage. He married as his second wife the French film-actress Jacqueline Sassard and they had a son Lorenzo.

He died on 30 June 2014 in Turin.[3]


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