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The cover of Girl issue 1, featuring "Kitty Hawke and her All-Girl Air Crew", 1951
Publication information
PublisherHulton Press, Odhams Press, IPC
FormatOngoing series
Publication date2 November 1951 – 3 October 1964
Editor(s)Marcus Morris, Jean Crouch

Girl was a weekly comic magazine for girls published from 1951 to 1964. It was launched by Hulton Press on 2 November 1951 as a sister paper to the Eagle, and lasted through Hultons' acquisition by Odhams Press in 1959 and Odhams' merger into IPC in 1963. Its final issue was dated 3 October 1964, after which it was merged into Princess. Another comic of the same name was published by IPC from 1981 to 1990, during which time Dreamer and Tammy were merged into it.[1]Girl was very much an "educational" magazine whose heroines, including those who got into scrapes, became involved in tales which had a moral substance. A considerable number of pages were also dedicated to real life tales of heroic women in various fields.

Original series[edit]

Like the Eagle, Girl was founded by the Rev. Marcus Morris. The lead strip was originally "Kitty Hawke and her All-Girl Air Crew", drawn in full colour by Ray Bailey, about a group of women running a charter airline. The strip was not very popular - it was apparently felt to be too masculine - and it was moved to the black and white interior pages, replaced on the cover by the schoolgirl strip "Wendy and Jinx", written by Michael and Valerie Hastings and drawn by Bailey.[2][3][4]

Other strips included:

1980s series[edit]