Fiends of the Eastern Front

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Fiends of the Eastern Front
Fiends of the Eastern Front.jpg
Cover of Fiends of the Eastern Front  (2005), hardcover collected edition. Art by Carlos Ezquerra.
Created by Gerry Finley-Day
Carlos Ezquerra
Publication information
Publisher IPC
Rebellion Developments
Schedule Weekly
Title(s) 2000 AD #152-161
Judge Dredd Megazine #245-252
Formats Original material for the series has been published as a strip in the comics anthology(s) 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine.
Publication date February–April 1980
May–December 2006
Creative team
Writer(s) Gerry Finley-Day
David Bishop
Artist(s) Carlos Ezquerra
Colin MacNeil
Letterer(s) Jack Potter
Colin MacNeil
Ellie de Ville
Creator(s) Gerry Finley-Day
Carlos Ezquerra
Editor(s) Steve MacManus
Matt Smith
Collected editions
Fiends of the Eastern Front ISBN 1-904265-64-2

Fiends of the Eastern Front was a story published in the British comics anthology 2000 AD, created by Gerry Finley-Day and Carlos Ezquerra. The series mixed vampires into the general horror of the Eastern front. The characters also appeared in other series with Judge Dredd and Durham Red when sinister vampiric figures were needed.


A diary found with an unearthed skeleton casts new light on a lost piece of history from World War II. It belongs to a young German soldier who was stationed on the Eastern Front alongside a group of Romanian soldiers who always fought at night. Their true nature is soon revealed and when they change sides all Hell breaks loose.



The Germans were:


The Russians were:

  • The Rabbi - An unnamed rabbi who performs the ritual
  • The Golem - Created by the Rabbi to destroy Costanza and his Vampyr
  • Jesf Charnosov - A member of SMERT KROFPEET

The Vampyr (Blood Pack)[edit]

The Vampires were:


They have appeared in their own series (the original run being released as a single volume by Rebellion Developments in June 2006 and a new series starting to coincide with this) as well as cropping up elsewhere and now feature in a series of novels.

Comics [edit]


Black Flame released a series of novels based on the series all written by David Bishop:

The novel Fiends of the Rising Sun deals with the same premise but with vampire samurai in the Pacific War.

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