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Glen Park
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Glen Park Station platform.jpg
View of station platform
Location 2901 Diamond Street
San Francisco, CA 94131


Platforms Island

MUNI and MUNI Metro

The San Jose and Bosworth Station is midway across a pedestrian bridge on the median of nearby San Jose Avenue.

23 Monterey
36 Teresita
44 O'Shaughnessy

52 Excelsior
Parking 53 spaces: 5 hours parking between 9am and 2am for $2 fee (weekdays) or free (weekends and holidays), no parking between 2am and 4am.[1]
Bicycle facilities 12 Lockers
Disabled access Yes
Opened November 5, 1973 (43 years ago)
Passengers (FY 2016) 7,538 exits/day[2]Decrease 2.18%
Preceding station   Bart-logo.svg Bay Area Rapid Transit   Following station
toward Richmond
Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae
toward Millbrae (Daly City on Saturdays)
Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City
toward Daly City
Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae
toward SFO (Millbrae on weeknights & weekends)
toward Fremont
Fremont–​Daly City
toward Daly City
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni Metro   Following station
toward Embarcadero
J Church
toward Balboa Park

Glen Park is a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco, California, at the intersection of Bosworth and Diamond Streets. It consists of an underground island platform. Interstate 280 is located on the south side of the station. This is the only station in San Francisco to have parking.

The station was designed by Corlett & Spackman and Ernest Born in the brutalist style. Born also designed the station graphics. Service began on November 5, 1973.[3] The November 1974 Architectural Record wrote of the station:

The dramatic volume of the station–one of the deepest in the system–unfolds at the escalator wells, where the full height (60 feet or 18 m) of the structure is visible. During the day, daylight from the skylights, one over the mezzanine, the other over the end escalator, pours in to the lower platform, an extraordinary sight in a subway.[4]

Born designed a marble mural at the west end of the mezzanine. "100 pieces, few of which are cut at right angles, in warm brown and red-brown tones, make it up". The mural is prominently featured in a scene of the 2006 Will Smith film The Pursuit of Happyness.

The San Jose and Bosworth Station, serving the J Church line of the Muni Metro, is accessible from Glen Park Station, midway across a pedestrian bridge on the median of nearby San Jose Avenue.

Station layout[edit]

G Street level Exits/Entrances, transfer to J Church at San Jose and Bosworth
M Mezzanine One-way faregates, ticket machines, station agent
Southbound/Westbound      Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae toward SFO (weekdays), Millbrae (weekends) (Balboa Park)
     Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City toward Daly City (Balboa Park)
     Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae toward Millbrae (weekdays), Daly City (Saturdays) (Balboa Park)
     Fremont–​Daly City toward Daly City (Balboa Park)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Northbound/Eastbound      Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae toward Pittsburg / Bay Point (24th Street Mission)
     Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City toward Dublin / Pleasanton (24th Street Mission)
     Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae toward Richmond (24th Street Mission)
     Fremont–​Daly City toward Fremont (24th Street Mission)


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