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Golden Virginia is a rolling tobacco manufactured in Nottingham, England by Imperial Tobacco and sold throughout Europe. It is a blend of fine-cut Virginia, burley and oriental tobaccos. Golden Virginia first appeared in the UK in 1877. In the UK, it is sold in 8g, 12.5g, 25g and 50g pouches. The pouches have a zip lock seal to keep the tobacco fresh along with a sticky tab.

According to the Imperial Tobacco website,[1] Golden Virginia is the number one hand rolling tobacco in the UK. It is sold in over 35 markets, predominantly in Western Europe, with its key markets being Belgium, the UK, Spain, Ireland and Luxembourg.

UK release of Golden Virginia Yellow[edit]

Following an 18-month process of research and development, on 2 March 2009, Imperial Tobacco launched its new Golden Virginia Yellow (GV Yellow) packs on to the roll-your-own market. Initially available in 12.5 g, 25 g and 50 g packs. It is sold in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain and the Canary Islands, Slovenia, Slovakia and Switzerland. Sales volumes of GV Yellow grew 18% in 2008.

Iain Watkins, the UK trade communications manager at Imperial Tobacco, described how Golden Virginia Yellow differs from the long-established Golden Virginia Green range: "Golden Virginia Green is made with hand-stripped tobaccos giving it a distinctive quality. New Golden Virginia Yellow is made from a different process, using the finest Virginia tobacco which gives it a smoother taste similar to that of the smoother factory-made cigarette brands".

Roll-your-own tobacco is the only segment currently stimulating the UK tobacco category. In the 12 months ending October 2008 sales volume increased by nearly 12%.,[2]


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