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Gordon 86 is a Cree First Nation reserve in Saskatchewan, Canada located 61 kilometres (38 mi) northwest of Fort Qu'Appelle.[1] It is one of three territories of the Gordon First Nation,[2] as arranged by the signing of Treaty 4. The reserve has an area of 14,438.3 hectares (35,677.8 acres).[1] It is also known as the George Gordon Reserve.[3]

As of the Canada 2006 Census, Gordon 86 had a population of 866,[4] though the First Nation had a total registered population of 3065 people as of October 2008.[2] According to the First Nation, they estimated 1009–1100 members of the First Nation live on the reserve.[5] It is almost completely surrounded by the rural municipality of Touchwood No. 248.

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Coordinates: 51°15′29″N 104°15′29″W / 51.25806°N 104.25806°W / 51.25806; -104.25806