Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course

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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course
GenreCooking show
Directed byPaul Ratcliffe
Presented byGordon Ramsay
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series1
No. of episodes20
Executive producer(s)Gordon Ramsay
Pat Llewellyn
Ben Adler
Sue Murphy
Producer(s)Paul Ratcliffe
Production company(s)One Potato, Two Potato
Original networkChannel 4
Original release10 September 2012 (2012-09-10)
Related showsGordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course is a British cookery television series that debuted on 10 September 2012, on Channel 4. It is presented by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.


The show's concept is to demonstrate skills to the viewer to improve their skills as home cooks.[1] The meals demonstrated by chef Gordon Ramsay are meant to represent a hundred core recipes.[2] The first series of 20 episodes airs at 5 pm on Channel 4 in the UK.[3] Along with Hugh's 3 Good Things, and Jamie's 15-Minute Meals, Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course was one of three new daytime cookery shows announced by the channel.[4] Joanna Plumb from Cherwood Nurseries in Chawston appeared to explain about chillis.[5] Ramsay has released a cookbook to coincide with the series, published by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK.[6][7]


Mike Ward of The Daily Star chose the show as his pick of the day on the day the first episode aired, and stated that the lack of swearing "freaks" him out.[8] It was also selected by Jane Simon of The Daily Mirror, saying that it was a return to cooking basics for Ramsay following his previous television show for Channel 4, Gordon Behind Bars.[9] Cathy Spencer of The Shropshire Star enjoyed the first episode, saying "It was all simple, healthy exciting ingredients – and without an F-word in sight I think Gordon Ramsay will be winning himself a new legion of fans."[3]

The first episode was watched by 1 million viewers, fewer than the 1.1 million watching BBC Two's Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.[10]


Title Original airdate
1 "Getting Started" 10 September 2012
  1. Pork chops with peppers
  2. Pan-fried scallops with crunchy apple salad
  3. Chicken & chicory in marsala sauce
  4. Sea bream with tomato & herb salsa
  5. Stuffed roast chicken
Cooking tips:
  1. keeping knives sharp
  2. stop chopping board rocking
  3. using vegetable peeler
  4. using pepper mill
  5. peeling garlic

Guide: birds (turkey, game bird, wood pigeon, red-legged partridge, label anglais chicken, black leg chicken, poulet de bresse)

2 "Keeping It Simple" 11 September 2012
  1. Chilli beef lettuce wraps
  2. Easy fragrant fried rice
  3. Garlic & saffron mayonnaise
  4. Mussels with celery & chilli
  5. Miso salmon
Cooking tips:
  1. chopping onion
  2. pan temperature
  3. tidy cooking area
  4. adding salt to egg
  5. putting meat in room temperature before cooking
Cooking equipments: knives (chopping, paring, serrated edge)

Guide: fish (barramundi, salmon, cod, mackerel, sprat, flatfish)

3 "Cooking with Chilli" 12 September 2012
  1. Red mullet with sweet chilli sauce
  2. Pasta with tomatoes, anchovy & chillies
  3. Grilled corn with chipotle chilli butter
  4. Jerk chicken
  5. Spicy beef salad
Cooking tips:
  1. seeding chillies
  2. using spare chillies
  3. adding chilli to chocolate & fresh fruit
  4. getting rid of chilli from finger
  5. spicing up beer & cocktail

Guide: chillies (poblano, jalapeño, bird's eye, habanero)

4 "Cooking with Spice" 13 September 2012
  1. Slow cooked fiery lamb
  2. Chilli & spice whitebait
  3. Roasted squash hummus
  4. Curry spiced sweetcorn soup
  5. Fragrant spiced rice pudding
Cooking tips:
  1. zesting a lemon
  2. finely chopping garlic
  3. peeling a ginger
  4. leftover vanilla pods
  5. leftover spices
Cooking equipments: pestle & mortar

Guide: spices (cinnamon, sumac, turmeric, Hungarian paprika, black pepper, cardamom, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, saffron)

5 "Ultimate Food on a Budget" 14 September 2012
  1. Lamb with fried bread
  2. Roasted mackerel with garlic & paprika
  3. Pork & prawn balls in aromatic broth
  4. Easy arancini
  5. Spicy sausage rice
Cooking tips:
  1. cooking rice
  2. leftover rice for stir fry
  3. stopping potatoes, apples & avocadoes from turning brown
  4. keeping herbs fresh
  5. infusing oil with herbs

Guide: ham, salami, sausages (prosciutto, bresaola, felino, chorizo, merguez, italian fennel, jamaican jerk)

6 "More Ultimate Food on a Budget" 17 September 2012
  1. Home made gnocchi
  2. Spicy black beans with feta & avocado
  3. Leek & Gruyère rösti with fried eggs
  4. Chickpea, cumin & spinach koftas with tahini dressing
  5. Apple crumble
Cooking tips:
  1. cooking pasta
  2. making breadcrumbs from leftover bread
  3. cooking chickpeas & lentils
  4. boiling potatoes
  5. leftover potatoes
Cooking equipments: saucepans

Guide: potatoes (Jersey Royal, Charlotte, King Edward, Désirée, heritage, salad blue)

7 "Stress-Free Cooking" 18 September 2012
  1. Sticky pork ribs
  2. Moroccan lamb with sweet potato & raisins
  3. Chilli chicken with ginger & coriander
  4. Sweet pepper sauce with grilled prawns
  5. Spicy chutney
Cooking tips:
  1. skinning & deboning a salmon
  2. making fish stock
  3. steaming vegetables
  4. crispy roast potatoes
  5. browning meat & fish

Guide: pork (leg, loin, belly, shoulder, trotters, cheek, bacon, leg joint, tenderloin)

8 "Making It Easy" 19 September 2012
  1. Meatballs in fragrant coconut broth
  2. Beef meatballs with orecchiette, kale & pine nuts
  3. Beef meatball sandwich with melting mozzarella & tomato salsa
  4. Fiery meatball soup
  5. Blondie
Cooking tips:
  1. slicing tuna carpaccio
  2. leftover wine
  3. freezing soups & stews
  4. homemade ice cream
  5. leftover lemons & limes
Cooking equipments: whisk, spoon, spatula

Guide: oils (sunflower, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, walnut, olive)

9 "Real Fast Food" 20 September 2012
  1. Chicken stir fry with rice noodles
  2. Noodle soup with poached eggs & spring onions
  3. Stir-fried pork noodles
  4. Noodles with chilli, ginger & lemongrass
  5. Smokey pork sliders with BBQ sauce
Cooking tips:
  1. jointing a chicken
  2. preventing skewers from burning
  3. no-fuss marinating
  4. lime & lemon juice for marinade
  5. lemon juice for cooking rice

Guide: vinegar (malt, red wine, white wine, sherry, cider, rice, balsamic)

10 "Street Food Classics" 21 September 2012
  1. Beef tacos with wasabi mayo
  2. Spiced chicken wrap
  3. Chilli dogs
  4. Vietnamese style baguette with beef
  5. Malt chocolate doughnuts
Cooking tips:
  1. cooking steak rare/medium/well done
  2. scoring meat & fish
  3. stain-free tupperware
  4. making chilli sherry
  5. planting chilli peppers
Cooking equipments: frying pan

Guide: chocolate (white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, 100% cocoa)

11 "Baking" 24 September 2012
  1. Olive tomato & rosemary focaccia
  2. Simple soda bread
  3. Quick flatbreads with lemon thyme & ricotta
  4. Mozzarella & rosemary pizza
  5. Sponge with fresh ginger
Cooking tips:
  1. whipping cream
  2. room-temperature cream for whipping
  3. preventing milk & cream from boiling over
  4. measuring treacle & golden syrup
  5. greasing cake tins

Guide: flour (strong flour, double 00, rye flour, self-raising flour)

12 "Better Baking" 25 September 2012
  1. Leek & pancetta quiche
  2. Indulgent chocolate tarts
  3. Beef empanadas
  4. Easy chicken pastilla
  5. Baked cheesecake
Cooking tips:
  1. rolling pastry
  2. neat edge on tarts & quiches
  3. testing pastry doneness
  4. blind-baking without baking beans
  5. folding egg white in
Cooking equipments: scales & sieve

Guide: milk & cream (single cream, double cream, soured cream, clotted cream, mascarpone)

13 "Ultimate Slow Cooking" 26 September 2012
  1. Slow cooked beef short ribs
  2. Pork neck curry with mango salsa
  3. Sichuan chicken thighs
  4. Simple beef brisket
  5. Caramelised figs with ricotta
Cooking tips:
  1. slow cooking duck breasts
  2. getting rid of excess fat from stews & casseroles
  3. browning & deglazing meat
  4. adding soft herbs
  5. frying fish

Guide: mushrooms (morels, trompette de la mort, chanterelle, oyster mushrooms, enoki, truffles)

14 "Slow Cooked Favourites" 27 September 2012
  1. Slow braised stuffed lamb breast
  2. Easy bollito misto
  3. Slow-cooked aubergine
  4. Perfect slow-cooked beef
  5. Slow roasted pork belly with fennel
Cooking tips:
  1. making chicken stock
  2. seasoning meat & flour
  3. browning meat
  4. slow roasting meat
  5. removing baked-on residue from pans
Cooking equipments: casserole dish

Guide: meat (beef ribs, oxtail, lamb's breast, shin of beef, ox cheeks, pork leg, feather blades)

15 "Brunches" 28 September 2012
  1. Frittata
  2. North African eggs
  3. Cheat's soufflé with 3 cheeses
  4. Prawns & feta omelette
  5. Spicy pancakes
Cooking tips:
  1. chopping red bell peppers
  2. testing freshness of eggs
  3. fishing out egg shell
  4. frying eggs
  5. toasting bagels

Guide: eggs (chicken egg, bantam egg, duck egg, goose egg, quail egg, rhea egg, pheasant egg)

16 "More Brunches" 1 October 2012
  1. Steak sandwiches
  2. Blueberry & ricotta pancakes with yoghurt & honey
  3. Crab & mascarpone crêpes
  4. Coconut pancakes with mango & lime syrup
  5. Home made crumpet
Cooking tips:
  1. peeling & cutting mango
  2. checking pineapple ripeness
  3. peeling kiwi
  4. ripening fruits
  5. making fruit purée
Cooking equipments: chopping boards

Guide: beef & steaks (fillet, rump, hanger steak, sirloin, rib eye, T-bone)

17 "TV Dinners" 2 October 2012
  1. Mushroom & leek pasta
  2. Farfalle with ricotta, pancetta & peas
  3. Tagliatelle with quick sausage meat bolognaise
  4. Spaghetti with chilli, sardines & oregano
  5. Sweet corn fritters & yoghurt dip
Cooking tips:
  1. cooking chicken breasts
  2. parmesan rinds for soup
  3. whisking cold butter before serving soup
  4. crispy skinned baked potato
  5. peeling pan-roasted nuts

Guide: pasta (farfalline, penne, spaghetti, fettuccine, pasta sheets, spaghetti with squid ink)

18 "Simple Suppers" 3 October 2012
  1. Spicy tuna fishcakes
  2. Flatbreads with fennel & feta
  3. Bruschetta with garlic, tomatoes, capers & pecorino
  4. Cannellini bean crostini with anchovy & olive
  5. Griddled pineapple with spiced caramel
Cooking tips:
  1. chopping herbs
  2. leftover herbs
  3. preparing asparagus
  4. soft-boiling eggs
  5. making salad dressings
Cooking equipments: peeler & grater

Guide: herbs (basil, parsley, coriander, tarragon, chervil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, bay)

19 "Cooking for Special Occasions" 4 October 2012
  1. Stuffed lamb with spinach & pine nuts
  2. Chicken with garlic & chestnut stuffing
  3. Sea bass with fennel, lemon & capers
  4. Pork stuffed with manchego & membrillo
  5. Fresh prawn rolls
Cooking tips:
  1. preparing prawns
  2. serving & fillet a fish
  3. carving a whole ham
  4. roasting pork with crispy skin
  5. chilling wine in 6 minutes
Cooking equipments: roasting & baking trays

Guide: shellfish (brown shrimp, atlantic prawn, tiger prawn, giant tiger prawn, langoustine)

20 "Special Salads & Fabulous Fruits" 5 October 2012
  1. Green papaya salad
  2. Chopped salad
  3. Green bean salad with mustard dressing
  4. Roasted red pepper, lentil & herb salad
  5. Raspberry mille-feuille
Cooking tips:
  1. preparing scallops
  2. skinning tomatoes
  3. seeding pomegranates
  4. adding ice cream or lemon mascarpone to fruit
  5. leftover pastry

Guide: salad (spinach, pea shoots, watercress, little gem, mustard leaves, lambs leaf, rocket, chicory)


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