Gorkha National Liberation Front (C.K. Pradhan)

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Gorkha National Liberation Front (C.K. Pradhan) or GNLF(C) is a splinter group of Gorkha National Liberation Front in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. GNLF(C) was formed in 2002 after the murder of GNLF leader C.K. Pradhan.[1] [2]

Pradhan's widow Sheila Pradhan claimed that he was killed by GNLF since he was about to break away from the main party. After the assassination, Sheila and others floated GNLF(C). The party is led by (Retd) Col. D.K. Pradhan of Kalimpong who is C.K. Pradhan's brother. GNLF(C) was a member of the Democratic Front, an alliance of parties such as CPRM and ABGL in the Darjeeling area. It a member of the Gorkhaland Task Force, an alliance of political parties and social organisations formed to demand a separate state of Gorkhaland.