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GRAMPS logo.png
Screenshot of Gramps (v. 5.0.1) with its fan chart and the Given name cloud gramplet on the bottom.
Screenshot of Gramps (v. 5.0.1) with its fan chart and the Given name cloud gramplet on the bottom.
Original author(s)Don Allingham[1]
Developer(s)The Gramps Team[2]
Initial releaseApril 21, 2001; 19 years ago (2001-04-21)[3]
Stable release
Current: 5.1.3 (13 August 2020; 3 months ago (2020-08-13)[4][5][6])
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inPython (GTK+ 3)
Operating systemLinux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, OS X[7]
PlatformGTK+ 3
Available inMultilingual (40)[8]
TypeGenealogy software
LicenseGNU General Public License

Gramps (formerly GRAMPS, an acronym for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) is a free and open source genealogy software. Gramps is programmed in Python using PyGObject. It uses Graphviz to create relationship graphs.


  • Supports multiple languages and cultures.[9]
    • Full Unicode support.
    • Relationship calculators.[10] Some languages have relationship terminology with no proper translation to other languages. Gramps deals with this by allowing for language specific relationship calculators.
  • Generates reports in multiple formats, including .odt, LaTeX, .pdf, .rtf, .html, and .txt.
  • Gramps is easily extended via plugins called Gramplets. A Gramplet is a view of data that either changes dynamically during the running of Gramps, or provides interactivity to your genealogical data.[11]

File format[edit]

Gramps XML[12]
Filename extension
Internet media type
Developed byGramps
Initial release2004; 16 years ago (2004)
Latest release
(18 August 2015; 5 years ago (2015-08-18))
Type of formatGenealogy data exchange
Extended fromXML
Portable Gramps XML Package
Filename extension
Type code.tar.gz archive
Developed byGramps
Type of formatGenealogy data exchange
Container forGramps XML and referenced media

The core export file format of Gramps is named Gramps XML and uses the file extension .gramps. It is extended from XML. Gramps XML is a free format. Gramps usually compresses Gramps XML files with gzip.[14] The file format Portable Gramps XML Package uses the extension .gpkg and is currently a .tar.gz archive including Gramps XML together with all referenced media. The user may rename the file extension .gramps to .gz for editing the content of the genealogy document with a text editor. Internally, Gramps uses SQLite as the default database backend, with other databases available as plugins.[15]

Gramps can import from the following formats:[16] Gramps XML, Gramps Package (Portable Gramps XML), Gramps 2.x .grdb (older versions Gramps), GEDCOM, CSV.

Gramps supports exporting data in the following formats: Gramps XML, Gramps Package (Portable Gramps XML), GEDCOM, GeneWeb's GW format,[17] Web Family Tree (.WFT) format,[18] vCard, vCalendar, CSV.

Programs that support Gramps XML[edit]

  • PhpGedView (version 4.1 and up) supports[19] output to Gramps XML.
  • The script tmg2gramps by Anne Jessel converts The Master Genealogist v6 genealogy software datafile to a Gramps v2.2.6 XML.
  • The Gramps PHP component JoomlaGen for Joomla uses an upload of the GRAMPS XML database export to show genealogical information and overviews. JoomlaGen is compatible with GRAMPS 3.3.0.[20]


Gramps is available in 40 languages[8] (December 2014).

Gramps also has two special use sub-translation languages:

  • Animal pedigree which allows to keep track of the pedigree and breed of animals[21]
  • Same gender/sex which gives the option of removing gender-based verbiage from reports.[22]


Full history of previous releases:[4][5][23]

Version Release date Name Comment
Gramps 1.0.0 2004-02-11 "Stable as a Tombstone" Used XML to store all information.
Gramps 2.0.0 2005-05-11 "The Bright Side of Life" Introduction of the Berkeley database backend.
Gramps 2.2.1 2006-10-30 "One, two, five!" Originally only available for Unix-like operating systems, with this release GRAMPS became available for Windows.
Gramps 3.0.0 2008-03-24 "It was just getting interesting." Introduced the new Family Tree database format .gpkg and deprecated the old .grdb database format. Plugin system called "Gramplets".
Gramps 3.4.0 2012-05-21 "always look on the bright side of life" Replaced Source References with Citations that allow sharing and can have media objects and 'data' elements attached to them. The Gramps XML Specification was updated to make it idempotent.
Gramps 4.0.0 2013-05-21 "The Miracle of Birth" Conversion to GTK+ 3, add support for Python 3. Keeps the same data format as Gramps 3.4.
Gramps 4.1.0 2014-06-18 "Name go in book" Full Python 3 support. New place hierarchies model.[24] Different data format to the Gramps 3.4 series.
Gramps 4.2.0 2015-08-03 Python 3 support only (Python 2 support dropped).[25] Different data format to the GRAMPS 3.4 series.
Gramps 5.0.0 2018-07-24 Python 3.2+ only / GTK 3.10+ / BSDDB 3 (Default backend) / SQLite3 (Experimental backend)
Gramps 5.1.0 2019-08-21 Python 3.3+ only / GTK 3.12+ / SQLite3 (Default backend) / BSDDB 3 (Legacy backend)


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