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Example of a conjugal family

A conjugal family is a nuclear family consisting of a married couple and their children (by birth or adoption) who are unmarried and underage. Conjugal means there is a marriage relationship. The family relationship is principally focused inward and ties to extended kin are voluntary and based on emotional bonds, rather than strict duties and obligations. The spouses and their children are considered to be of prime importance, and other more distant relatives less important. The marriage bond is important and stressed. Families have evolved over time by becoming more modern. There are now same sex parents, step parents, adoptive parents so, the name conjugal family was created. It is a much more modern term for nuclear family.

In Western societies[edit]

There are basic characteristics to a conjugal family. Most western conjugal families are very similar. The most popular one being the American conjugal family. In western societies,particularly American, they have the freedom to choose their partner based on love. The most common type of partner choosing in western society has been heterosexual. The western societies see marriage as something legal. Marriage in this type of society is by law, the legal joining of both partners. Both partners get to have control on the raising of their children. They both have roles as a parent to protect their children, oversee the development of their children in society, and see to the survival of their children. In western societies it is very common for both male and female to provide for their family with their separate incomes. Both partners get to establish their social and economic status together. Since partnership in western societies is primarily based on love partners must fulfill each other's needs.

Throughout the years[edit]

Conjugal family roles have changed over the years. In the past, the male has always been expected to be the dominant one in the relationship. Throughout the years, conjugal roles have modernized and changed, both husband and wife seem to have equal roles. Both wife and husband are responsible for the raising of their children and in most conjugal families are responsible for proving for their family.

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