Gulin County

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Gulin County

Gulin is located in Sichuan
Location of the seat in Sichuan
Coordinates: 28°02′20″N 105°48′47″E / 28.039°N 105.813°E / 28.039; 105.813Coordinates: 28°02′20″N 105°48′47″E / 28.039°N 105.813°E / 28.039; 105.813
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityLuzhou
 • Total3,184 km2 (1,229 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Ethnic townships in South Sichuan: Yibin and Luzhou. Light green -Yi. Blue - miao.

Gulin County (simplified Chinese: 古蔺县; traditional Chinese: 古藺縣; pinyin: Gǔlìn Xiàn)is a county in the south of Sichuan Province, China, bordering Guizhou province to the north, south, and east. It is under the administration of Luzhou city. The county covers 3,184 km2 (1,229 sq mi) with a population of 833,000 in 2008.[1]

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