Pingwu County

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Pingwu County

Location of Pingwu County (red) and Mianyang City (yellow) in Sichuan
Location of Pingwu County (red) and Mianyang City (yellow) in Sichuan
Coordinates: 32°24′36″N 104°33′22″E / 32.410°N 104.556°E / 32.410; 104.556Coordinates: 32°24′36″N 104°33′22″E / 32.410°N 104.556°E / 32.410; 104.556
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityMianyang
County seatLong'an (龙安镇)
 • Total5,974 km2 (2,307 sq mi)
 • Total190,000
 • Density32/km2 (82/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s)0816

Pingwu County (Chinese: 平武县; pinyin: Píngwǔ Xiàn) is a county in the north of Sichuan province, China, bordering Gansu province to the north. It is the northernmost county-level division of the prefecture-level city of Mianyang.

It has an area of 5,959.71 km2 (2,301.06 sq mi)[1] and a population of 190,000 in 2004.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Purple -Qiang. Red -Tibetan.

Pingwu County has nine towns, seven townships, and nine ethnic townships.

  • Towns:
    • Long'an (龙安镇)
    • Gucheng (古城镇)
    • Nanba (南坝镇)
    • Xiangyan (响岩镇)
    • Pingtong (平通镇)
    • Doukou (豆叩镇)
    • Dayin (大印镇)
    • Daqiao (大桥镇)
    • Shuijing (水晶镇)
  • Townships:
    • Gaocun (高村乡)
    • Shuitian (水田乡)
    • Bazi (坝子乡)
    • Shuiguan (水观乡)
    • Tucheng (土城乡)
    • Jiubao (旧堡乡)
    • Kuoda (阔达乡)
  • Ethnic Townships:
    • Pingnan (平南羌族乡)
    • Xutang (徐塘羌族乡)
    • Suojiang (锁江羌族乡)
    • Huangyangguan (黄羊关藏族乡)
    • Huya (虎牙藏族乡)
    • Si'er (泗耳藏族乡)
    • Baima (白马藏族乡)
    • Muzuo (木座藏族乡)
    • Mupi (木皮藏族乡)


Pingwu county is the center of the biggest remaining giant panda habitat in China, i.e. the Minshan Mountains. Close to the Baima Ethnic township, for example, the national panda reserve "Wanglang" is located. The WWF has conducted an Integrated Community Development Project in the Baima township to reduce direct and indirect poaching threats to the panda population. A temple named "Baoensi" also locates there.


There are two species of Megophryidae frogs endemic to Pingwu County, namely Scutiger pingwuensis and Oreolalax chuanbeiensis.

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