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Gweru District of Midlands Province
Gweru District of Midlands Province
Country Zimbabwe
Province Midlands
District Gweru
Established late 19th century
Population (2012 Census)[1]
 • Total 249,671
 • Density 22.08/km2 (57.2/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+2 (CAT)

Coordinates: 19°27′42″S 29°49′14″E / 19.461632°S 29.820595°E / -19.461632; 29.820595

Gweru District is a district in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe.


Gweru District gets its name from Ikwelo River now Gweru River which has the city as its source and primary drainage basin.

The name Gweru is a further corruption of the name Gwelo which was a distortion of the original name Ikwelo given by the earliest isiNdebele speakers in the late 19th century. Ikwelo was the district because it was not a spot name but rather a name given to a place along the length of the river in question as written by Colonel Carbutt, of Southern Rhodesia as published by the then Chief Information Officer, Information Services Branch. (Division of Native Affairs, Salisbury September, 1960) in the article Lore and Legend: Southern Rhodesia Place Names.[2]

Gweru District has a population of over 231,675.

It has Shurugwi District to the south-esst, Chirumhanzu District to the east, Insiza District south-west, Bubi District to the west, Nkayi District north-west and Kwekwe District north.

Gweru City Climate[edit]

Climate data for Gweru (1961–1990)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 26.3
Average low °C (°F) 15.3
Average rainfall mm (inches) 139.1
Average rainy days 12 10 7 3 1 1 0 0 1 4 9 12 60
[citation needed]

Source:World Meteorological Organization[3]

Gweru Rural[edit]

Main article: Vungu Rural District Council

Gweru District is administered by the District Administrator who is an ex-offio of (Gweru City Council and Gweru Rural District Council. for Gweru rural.

Gweru rural district includes Lower Gweru and the greater part of Chiwundura

Gweru Urban[edit]

Urban districts are administered by urban councils established in terms of the Zimbabwe Urban Councils Act, Chapter 29.15[4]

Gweru local authoruty is Gweru Municipality which is literally Gweru City Council.

Like in most urban centers nationwide Gweru City Council is dominated by MDC-T.

2013 - 2018 Term

Source: Zimbabwe Electoral Commission[5]

Ward Councillor Gender IParty Constituency
01 Kombayi Hamutendi m MDC-T
02 Chipondeni Tiripai m ZANU-PF
03 Mbano Nokuthula f MDC-T
04 Sithole Kenneth Marekiwa m MDC-T
05 Marecha Moses m MDC-T
05 Mafa Mafa Kwanisai m ZANU-PF
06 Tsanyawu Joas m ZANU-PF
07 Matyorauta Artwell m MDC-T
08 Ndaguta Willard m MDC-T
09 Fundira Gibson Jackson m MDC-T
10 Chikozho Charles m MDC-T
11 Chirau Albert m MDC-T
12 Mavhondo Elvis m MDC-T
13 Mhondiwa Catherine f MDC-T
14 Guduza Ernest m MDC-T
15 Mhondiwa Norman Alexander m MDC-T
16 Magidi Tawanda m MDC-T
17 Muza Farai Jonathan m MDC-T
18 Magara Bonface m MDC-T

Gweru mayor for tgis term was Clr. Hamutendi Kombayi[6]

2008 - 2013 Term

Source: Kubatana Aechive[7]

Ward Councillor Gender IParty Remarks
01 Mufunde Fungayi Desmond m MDC-T Mayor (Died June 2009)
02 Dzuda Holly - MDC-T
03 Pasipanodya Nelson m MDC-T
04 Sithole Kenneth Marekiwa m MDC-T
05 Chikweche Enock Mukandi m MDC-T
06 Mukwazhe Ferinos m MDC-T
07 Matyorauta Artwell m MDC-T
08 Demo Taurai m MDC-T
09 Chimombe Takavada Tadious m MDC-T
10 Munach Arminon Takaidza m MDC-T
11 Rutsvara Kumirai m MDC-T
12 Mavondo Elves m MDC-T
13 Dzingisoh Canaan Chabhabha m MDC-T
14 Tsuro Wonder James m MDC-T
15 Chineni Trust m MDC-T
16 Makumbe Trinos m MDC-T
17 Kwaru Clemence m MDC-T
18 Mpofu Muchaneta - MDC-T

The mayor was Councilor Desmond Fungayi Mufunde who deceised on 21 June 2009.[8]


Gweru District, district number three of the 61 in Zimbabwe has Gweru City the 3rd largest city in Zimbabwe as its capital.

Gweru City is also Midlands provincial capital. It is located 164 km northeast of Bulawayo and 275 km south-west-south of Harare via Mvuma ( A17 Highway ) or 278 km via Kwekwe ( A5 Highway ).

. Gwer District is home to * Roman Catholic Diocese of Gweru, * Lower Gweru,* Gweru River,* Riverside School,* Ascot Stadium, * Chapungu United, * Nalatale, * Danangombe,* Dabuka, * Chaplin High School,* Thornhill High School, * Midlands Christian College, * Nashville Secondary School, * Fletcher High School,* Midlands State University and * Gweru-Thornhill Air Base to name a few.


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