HSwMS Sölve

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HMS Sölve
HSwMS Sölve monitor
Career Naval Ensign of Sweden (1844-1905).svg
Name: HSwMS Sölve
Namesake: Sölve
Builder: Ericsson-D'Ailly
Launched: 1875
Refit: 1921
Fate: Preserved at the Maritiman marine museum in Gothenburg, Sweden.
General characteristics
Displacement: 460 metric tons[1]
Length: 39.8 m[1]
Beam: 8 m[1]
Draught: 2.5 m[1]
Draft: 2.5 m[1]
Crew: 48 men[2]
Armor: iron[3]

HSwMS Sölve is a monitor warship, built in 1875 at the Motala Warf in Norrköping, Sweden,[1] by John Ericsson and J. C. A. d'Ailly.[3] It is one of the few monitors still in existence, and is currently moored at the Maritiman marine museum in Gothenburg.[1]

The vessel was one of the last of the 15 Swedish monitors to be built for use by the Swedish Navy,[2] and was named for Sölve, a semi-legendary King of Sweden. In 1919 the ship was placed on the sale list.[4] It was converted into a tank barge in 1921 and was donated to the Maritiman marine museum by a scrapping shipyard after being retired from service.[2]


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Coordinates: 57°42′33″N 11°57′36″E / 57.70917°N 11.96000°E / 57.70917; 11.96000