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HP 110
Type Portable computer
Release date 1984; 32 years ago (1984)
Operating system MS-DOS 2.11
CPU Harris 80C86 at 5.33 MHz
Memory 272 KB

The Hewlett-Packard HP 110 (aka HP Portable) was an MS-DOS compatible portable computer released in 1984. It used a Harris 80C86 running at 5.33 MHz with 272 KB of RAM. It had an 80 character by 16 line monochrome (480 x 128 pixel) liquid crystal display, ran MS-DOS 2.11 in ROM, and had the application programs MemoMaker, Terminal Emulator and Lotus 123 in ROM.[1]

The LCD could be tilted for visibility, and could be folded down over the keyboard for transport, unlike computers such as the TRS-80 Model 100 which had the display in the same fixed plane as the keyboard. The HP 110 is similar to the Dulmont Magnum and the Sharp PC-5000, but all three computers were separately developed by their respective companies. At introduction it had a list price of 2995 US$ (today $6821.73).

HP 110 Plus[edit]

In 1985 the HP 110 Plus (aka HP Portable Plus, MPN 45711A) was released with a higher-speed internal modem (1200 baud vs. 300 baud), more resident applications, reduced price, and an 80 character by 25 line display, which improved compatibility with desktop software applications.[2]


BYTE in January 1985 acknowledged the HP 110's high price but stated that it was "a computer with true desktop capability and performance well worth its cost for those who need the power". It praised the keyboard, and predicted that the built-in Lotus 1-2-3 "will likely account for more HP 110 sales than any other single feature".[3]

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