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ProBook series
Developer Hewlett-Packard
Type Laptop
Release date April 28, 2009 (2009-04-28)

The HP ProBook is a brand of affordable business[1] notebooks made by Hewlett-Packard. The ProBook series are aimed at mainstream business users and are cheaper than the higher-end EliteBook series.[2]



In April, 2009, HP introduced the ProBook s-series (standard/essential) notebooks, which consisted of the Intel powered 4410s, 4510s, and 4710s (14", 15.6", and 17.3" screens, respectively) and the AMD powered 4415s and 4515s (14" and 15.6" screens, respectively).[1][3] This was followed by the introduction of the 13.3" ProBook 4310s in June of the same year.[4] The s-series was updated in 2010 with Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, a brushed aluminum case, chiclet keyboard, and multitouch ClickPad.[5] Updates to the line in 2012 included a new exterior aluminum design.[6]


The ProBook B-series was announced on October 13, 2009, replacing the previous HP Compaq B-series. Two AMD powered models were announced—the 14" ProBook 6445b and the 15.6" Probook 6545b.[7] Their Intel powered counterparts were announced three months later as the 14" ProBook 6440b and the 15.6" Probook 6540b.[8] The B-series was updated in 2012 with the Intel-powered 6470b and 6570b, and the AMD-powered 6475b.[6]


HP launched the 5310m in September 2009. The 5310m was enclosed by an aluminum and magnesium case, weighed under four pounds, and was less than an inch thick.[9][10] The M-series was updated in September 2010 with a 5320m, closely followed with the release of the 5330m in May 2011 which featured a dual-tone aluminum chassis and Beats Audio.[4]


Hewlett-Packard ProBook Release Timeline
Screen size Series 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
12.1" s-series 4230s
13.3" s-series 4310s 4320s 4330s 4340s 430 G1 430 G2
m-series 5310m 5320m 5330m
b-series 6360b
14" s-series 4410s/4415s 4420s/4425s 4430s/4435s 4440s 440 G1 440 G2
b-series 6440b/6445b 6450b 6460b/6465b 6470b/6475b 640/645 G1
15.6" s-series 4510s/4515s 4520s/4525s 4530s/4535s 4540/4545s 450/455 G1 450/455 G2
b-series 6540b/6545b 6550b/6555b 6560b/6565b 6570b 650/655 G1
17.3" s-series 4710s 4720s 4730s 4740s

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