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A Hantu demon is a legendary evil spirit or demon in Indonesian language.[1] It can also refer to invisible and scary being.[2] In Malaysian folklore, the hantu is considered as an angry ancestral spirit. Hantu also means "demon", "ghost" or "spirit".[3]

List of hantus[edit]

There are many types of hantus found on the Malay peninsula, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

  • Hantu Air: spirit of the water
  • Hantu B'rok: baboon demon[4]
  • Hantu Belian: tiger spirit[4]
  • Hantu Langsuir: a demon that is formed from a woman that died in childbirth. It drinks the bodily fluids and entrails of newborns, pregnant women and nursing mothers.[5]
  • Hantu Musang: a civet cat spirit that is invoked in a game of possession[6]
  • Hantu Pusaka: grave demon[7]
  • Hantu Raya: great demon.[4] This hantu is considered the strongest among evil spirits of the jungles of Malaysia.[8]
  • Hantu Rimba: deep-forest demon[4]
  • Hantu Tinggi: tall demon, a demon that possesses a tree

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