Heroes Are Hard to Find Tour

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Heroes Are Hard to Find Tour
Tour by Fleetwood Mac
Start date October 4, 1974
End date December 1, 1974
Legs 1
No. of shows 41
Fleetwood Mac concert chronology

The Heroes Are Hard To Find Tour was a concert tour by the rock band Fleetwood Mac in support of their 1974 album Heroes Are Hard To Find. It ran from October 4, 1974 to December 1, 1974 and consisted of 41 shows in the United States.


The Tour Setlist[edit]

  1. Coming Home
  2. The Green Manalishi
  3. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
  4. Bad Loser
  5. Sentimental Lady
  6. Future Games
  7. Bermuda Triangle
  8. I'd Rather Go Blind
  9. Why
  10. Nightwatch
  11. Homeward Bound
  12. Angel
  13. Oh Well (song)


  1. Rattlesnake Shake
  2. Hypnotized

Will The Real Fleetwood Mac Please Stand Up?[edit]

A show was filmed in August 1974 at the Long Beach Auditorium Center Theatre in Long Beach, California -- where the entire season of Don Kirshner Rock Concert was taped that year. The below tracks were the only ones that appeared on the video.

The Don Kirschner Video[edit]

  1. Green Manalishi
  2. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
  3. Bermuda Triangle w/ monologue
  4. Black Magic Woman
  5. Rattlesnake Shake

At the actual taping of the show the band performed the entire "Will The Real Fleetwood Mac Please Stand Up?" performed below setlist:

  1. Green Manalishi
  2. Angel
  3. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
  4. Sentimental Lady (false start)
  5. Sentimental Lady/Future Games
  6. Bermuda Triangle
  7. Why
  8. Believe Me
  9. Black Magic Woman
  10. Oh Well
  11. Cliff Davis Blooz (band introductions over a one chord jam)
  12. Rattlesnake Shake
  13. Hypnotized
  14. Mystery To Me


Fleetwood Mac[edit]