Huna ben Joshua

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For the Tanna sage of the fifth generation, see Huna Kamma.
For the Amora sage of the second generation, see Rav Huna.
For the Amora sage of the third generation, see Raba bar Rav Huna.
For the Amora sage of the sixth generation, see Huna b. Nathan.

Huna ben Joshua (Hebrew: רב הונא בריה דרב יהושע‎, read as Rav Huna BeReia DeRav Yehoshua; died 410), was a Jewish Amora sage of Babylon, of the fifth generation of the Amoraic era, and accounted as one of the most prominent Amoraic sages of his generation. He acquired his Torah knowledge from R. Abaye and Rava. He was a colleague and a scholarly "Bar-Plugata"-opponent of Rav Papa.

He served as Rosh Kalah for the Naresh Yeshiva, in Babylon, founded by Rav Papa (an academy that later was relocated to Mata Mehasia, a suburb of Sura and its Yeshiva there). During his studies under Rava, he earned his livelihood from a small landed property, enabling him to make the time needed for his studies. Later on, he became a business partner of his colleague Rav Papa, and earned his living from selling sesame.

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