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Informix Dynamic Server, also known as IDS, is an extensible Relational Database Management System originally developed by Informix Software Inc. (originally Relational Database Systems, Inc). IDS is now part of the IBM Software Group database portfolio.

Current version is 12.10.xC8 released in December 2016.


IBM produces Informix Dynamic Server in several editions.[1] The following information applies to V12 of the database engine:[2]

Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition plus Informix Warehouse Accelerator and Informix Storage Optimization (compression)
Informix Enterprise Edition
Fully featured.
Informix Advanced Workgroup Edition
Workgroup Edition plus Informix Warehouse Accelerator
Informix Workgroup Edition
Includes unlimited Enterprise Replication (ER) and up to two High-availability Replication nodes (HDR, RSS, or SDS). This edition is restricted to four CPU sockets with up to sixteen cores and 16GB of server memory.
Informix Express Edition
Available on Linux, Windows, and OS X. Limited to four cores and 8GB of server accessed memory. Supports Enterprise Replicate (ER) for two nodes and one HDR or RSS secondary server.

Each edition above is subject to pricing based on a choice of IBM's processor value unit scheme, the number of authorized users or concurrent sessions.

In addition there are two free editions that can be trialed for an unlimited period.[3]

Informix Developer Edition
Free for use by a single user, no feature restrictions. Resource limited to a single CPU core and 1GB of server memory. Cannot be deployed in production.
Informix Innovator-C Edition
Free for use in production deployment (distribution requires a distributor license). Limited to a CPU socket with up to four cores and 2GB of server memory. All replication strategies are supported.