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CA Oradea
CA Oradea logo.png
Full name Club Atletic Oradea 1910
  • Alb-verzii (The White and Greens)
  • Orădenii (The People from Oradea)
Short name CAO
Founded 25 May 1910; 107 years ago (1910-05-25)
as Nagyváradi Atletikai Club
17 March 2017; 6 months ago (2017-03-17)
as Clubul Atletic Oradea 1910
Ground Iuliu Bodola
Ground Capacity 18,000 (11,155 seated)
Chairman Florin Mal
Manager Florin Farcaș
League Liga V
1962–63 Dvizia A, 13th (relegated)
Website Club website
Active departments of CSM Oradea
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Football Basketball
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Water Polo Handball
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Judo Fencing Athletics
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Club Atletic Oradea (Romanian pronunciation: [ˌklub aˈtletik oˈrade̯a]), commonly known as CA Oradea or CAO, is a Romanian football club based in Oradea. It was founded in 1910 and it soon became one of the best teams in the country. The club was dissolved in 1963 and refounded in the summer of 2017.


Early years[edit]

Historical logo.

Established in 1910, when Transylvania was still part of Austria-Hungary, Nagyváradi Atletikai Club - in Romanian: Club Atletic Oradea - will soon become the symbol of the football from Oradea. Its initials, NAC, then CAO, will require respect. The colors of the club were white and green.

The constituent assembly was held on 25th May 1910, in the Emke Café, the board of directors being Dr. Emil Jonas, chairman, Béla Mikló, executive president, Andor Szabo, secretary, and Dr. Kálmán Kovács, cashier.[1]

Before the World War I, the club activated only on a local and a regional level. Between 1920 and 1932 it competed in the regional championship, winning it a couple of times, in 1924 and 1925. From 1932 onwards, the divisionary level was introduced and the club took part in it. Their best performance was achieved in 1924 when they reached the national final where they faced Chinezul Timișoara, but lost 1–4.

During the 1932–1940 period they played for six seasons in Liga I (1932–1938) and two seasons in Liga II (1938–1940).

The Romanian-Hungarian champion[edit]

Iuliu Bodola, one of the club's symbols, also the stadium bears he's name
Iuliu Baratky, one of the most important players born in Oradea ever

During World War II, the team played in the Hungarian Championship under the name Nagyváradi Atlétikai Club (NAC) and won one title at the end of the 1943–1944 season.

After the war, CAO was renamed Libertatea, and played in the Liga I. In 1948 it changed its name once again, to IC Oradea, and under this name it won the Romanian championship at the end of the 1948–49 season. After this title, the club (from 1951 Progresul) made 5 consecutive appearances in Liga I, after which in 1954 it was relegated to Liga II.

Progresul succeeded to advance from the Second Division and played in the First Division.

Another performance was obtained in 1955, when the club reached the Romanian Cup final but lost, only to win it one year later.

In 1958 the team was relegated to Liga II, changed its name to CS Oradea, and Crişana in 1961 (with no connection to the old Crişana Oradea), and one year later succeeded to advance once again to Liga I. A short joy, because in 1963 it was relegated again and with this, the team disappeared at the pressure of the Romanian Communist Party.[2]

Afterwards, the football in Oradea was carried on by FC Bihor Oradea, which has not even managed to get closer to the CAO's performances, getting a maximum of 7th place in the Liga I and a semi-final of the Romanian Cup.


On 22th December 2016 CAO 1910 Association was founded, then on 17th March 2017 the association changed its status as a sports association named: Asociația Clubul Sportiv CAO 1910, thus marking the refoundation of the white and green team.[3]

The refounding of the club was followed by a marketing promotion period in which, among other things, the official website of the club and the facebook official page were launched.[4]

Then on 28th July 2017 a partnership was signed between CAO and CSM Oradea, the team that took over the FC Bihor Oradea youth academy after its dissolution, but which did't have a senior squad, so through this partnership CSM Oradea ensured a continuity for the youth players at senior level and CAO assured a youth academy. In the same period the team was enrolled in Liga V.[5]

Youth program[edit]

CAO has formed its academy following the partnership signed with CSM Oradea, club which took over the youth academy of Bihor Oradea after its dissolution in 2016.[6]


Iuliu Bodola Stadium

The club plays its home matches on Iuliu Bodola Stadium from Oradea a stadium with a capacity of 11,155, the biggest of Bihor County and named after Iuliu Bodola, CAO's great player in the 30's and 40's.


CAO's bitter rivals are Ripensia Timișoara, but also has rivalries with teams like: UTA Arad or Politehnica Timișoara.[7]

Chronology of names[edit]

Name Period
Nagyváradi Atletikai Club (NAC) 1910–1918
Club Atletic Oradea (CAO) 1918–1941
Nagyváradi Atletikai Club (NAC) 1941–1945
Libertatea Oradea 1945–1948
Întreprinderea Comunală Orășenească Oradea (ICO) 1948–1951
Progresul Oradea 1951–1958
CS Oradea 1958–1961
Crișana Oradea 1961–1963
Club Atletic Oradea (CAO) 2017–present




  • Regional Championship:
    • Winners (2): 1924, 1925


Current squad[edit]

As of 09 September 2017

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Romania GK Răzvan Egri
2 Romania DF Zoltán Köteles
3 Romania DF Vlăduț Mihai
4 Romania DF Alin Panti
5 Romania DF George Mangra
6 Romania DF Șerban Man
7 Romania DF Erik Țîrtea
8 Romania MF Andrei Haș (Captain)
9 Romania FW Remus Pașca
10 Romania MF Leontin Jurca
11 Romania MF Adrian Balog
No. Position Player
12 Romania GK Edward Ruska
13 Romania MF Darius Costea
14 Romania MF Marian Mihuț
15 Romania FW Octavian Cîrjan
16 Romania DF Marcel Hering
17 Romania MF Cosmin Câmpean
18 Romania MF Zoltán László
19 Romania FW Emil Popa
20 Romania MF Dumitru Sabău
21 Romania DF Vlad Toma
22 Romania MF Ionuț Raț

Club officials[edit]

Shirt sponsors and manufacturers[edit]

Period Kit manufacturer Period Shirt partner
1910–1963 Unknown 1910–1963 None
2017– Spain Joma 2017–

Notable former players[edit]

The footballers enlisted below have had international cap(s) for their respective countries at junior and/or senior level.

Notable former managers[edit]


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