I Know I'm Not Wrong

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"I Know I'm Not Wrong"
Song by Fleetwood Mac
Released September 19, 1979
Recorded 1978–1979
Genre Rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock
Length 3.02
Label Warner Bros.
Writer Lindsey Buckingham
Producer Fleetwood Mac, Richard Dashut, Ken Caillat

"I Know I'm Not Wrong" is a song by Fleetwood Mac from the 1979 double LP Tusk. It was recorded on the final song of side three of the LP on September 19, 1979, written by Lindsey Buckingham, whose sparser songwriting arrangements and the influence of punk rock and new wave were the leading creative force on it and other Tusk tracks.


Cath Carroll, Fleetwood Mac biographer and author of a book on the creation of Rumours, likened the rhythm of "I Know I'm Not Wrong" to that of "The Ledge", another track from the Tusk album. "A silly little synth riff toward the end puts an odd-sounding date stamp on the piece and is, in its perky way, the most jarring element on the album. This song is another piece of brilliant concision, with a half-stated simple three-note chorus."[1] She noted the track's "not quite their quality that Buckingham manages to coast out of his higher vocal register" which is common to several Tusk songs.[1]

The track "To Wild Homes" found on the The New Pornographers's record Mass Romantic features the melody of "I Know I'm Not Wrong" where A.C. Newman plays the song's melody over the fading chorus at the end of the track. Newman referred to it as "living proof that Tusk has haunted our music."[2]

Other Appearances[edit]

A completely different version of "I Know I'm Not Wrong" was included on the 2004 reissue of Tusk. Along with this version, three other early demos were included on the reissue; one, was an instrumental, while the other two, "Song #1 (I Know I'm Not Wrong)" and Song #1 (I Know I'm Not Wrong) (alternate)" were both early recordings. All instruments heard on these demos are played by Buckingham.

"I Know I'm Not Wrong" was rehearsed for the Tusk Tour, but was ultimately cut for unknown reasons. However, Fleetwood Mac did perform the song on their "Unleashed" tour in 2009, as well as their 2014/2015 tour On With the Show.


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