Intercity Football League

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Intercity Football League
Current season, competition or edition:
2014 Intercity Football League
Sport Association football
Founded 2007
No. of teams 8
Country  Republic of China
Most recent champion(s) Taipei City Tatung (2013)
Most titles Taipower (4)
Official website CTFA

Intercity Football League (Chinese: 城市足球聯賽; pinyin: Chéngshì zúqiú liánsài) (or MediaTek Intercity Football League for sponsorship reason) is the top-ranked semi-professional Taiwanese football (soccer) league run by Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA). There will be a new professional soccer league in Taiwan in 2018. [1]


The Intercity Football League was founded in 2007 after the transformation of then highest-ranked National First Division Football League (later Enterprise Football League).[citation needed] Different from the later, registered players were initially grouped by their places of residence, such as Tainan City, rather than specialized football teams, such as Taiwan Power Company F.C. (Taipower). The only exception was Tatung F.C., who represented Taipei City to compete in the league. By Intercity Football League's establishment, CTFA hoped to root football into each area in Taiwan and also seed supports from local governments, councilors, and enterprises. In the first league season, several magistrates served as team leaders, including Chou Hsi-wei (Taipei County), Chen Ming-wen (Chiayi County), and Lu Kuo-hua (Yilan County).

Nevertheless, in 2008, CTFA opened the league participation to non-administrative division teams.[citation needed] Taipower and several college teams, such as National Taiwan College of Physical Education (as Taichung County Chia Cheng Hsin) and Taipei Physical Education College (as Tainan County Hun Shin), joined the competition.

CTFA announced new league regulations again in 2009. Each participating team should have name relating to one administrative region and more than 2/3 players having their households registered to that place for more than one month. Promotion and relegation were also introduced.[2] However, the new regulations did not continue to the next league season. The 2010 league season adopted similar regulations as the 2008 season.

In August 2010, MediaTek were announced as the title sponsor of the Intercity Football League.[citation needed]

Intercity Football League 2013[edit]

Relegated in 2010[edit]


The list of champions:[3]

Season Champion Runner-up Third place Fourth place
2007 Taipei City Tatung Taipei PE College
(as Tainan County)
Yilan County Chiayi County
2008 Kaoshiung County Taipower Taiwan PE College
(as Chia Cheng Hsin)
Taipei PE College
(as Tainan County Hun Sing)
Taipei City Tatung
2009 Taiwan PE College
(as Kaohsiung City Yoedy)
Kaohsiung County Taipower Taipei Physical Education College
(as Tainan County)
Taipei City Tatung
2010 Kaohsiung County Taipower Taipei Physical Education College
(as Asics)
Taipei City Tatung National Sports Training Center
2011 Kaohsiung City Taipower Taipei City Tatung Taiwan PE College Taipei PE College
2012 Kaohsiung City Taipower Taipei City Tatung National Sports Training Center Taiwan PE College
2013[4] Taipei City Tatung Kaohsiung City Taipower Taichung City Dragon Ming Chuan University

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