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ip.access Limited
Privately Held Company
Headquarters Cambourne, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Area served
Key people
Malcolm Gordon, CEO
Products nano3G
Oyster 3G technology
Website http://www.ipaccess.com

ip.access Limited is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and markets small cells (picocell and femtocell) technologies and infrastructure equipment for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and LTE. The firm has headquarters in Cambourne, England, the company also maintains operations and offices in Bellevue, United States, and Gurgaon and Pune, India.

ip.access combines IP and cellular technologies together to provide 2G, 3G and LTE coverage and for mobile networks .Using satellite backhaul, its products provide coverage to commercial passenger aircraft,[1] ships,[2] and users in remote rural areas.

The firm is a member of 3GPP,[3] the Cambridge Network,[4] European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI),[5] Small Cell Forum,[6] and an associate member of the Network Vendors Interoperability Testing (NVIOT) Forum.[7]


ip.access was founded in December 1999[8] as a wholly owned subsidiary of TTP Group PLC[9] aimed at developing technologies that would allow multiple radio access technologies to communicate over the Internet. To accommodate its growing staff, in 2006 ip.access relocated to new offices in Cambourne Business Park, Cambridge, where it remains.[10]

In October 2000, TTP Group spun off its communications division (TTP Communications, or TTPCom) in an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange, and ip.access joined the spin-off as a wholly owned subsidiary of the TTPCom group.

In March 2006, the company secured an £8.5 million round of funding from Intel Capital, Scottish Equity Partners, and Rothschild & Cie Banque.[11] As part of its June 2006 acquisition of TTP Communications, Motorola also gained a stake in ip.access.[12] In 2007, after signing an OEM agreement with ip.access, ADC[13] (now part of Tyco Electronics) made a minority interest investment in the company. Followed by, both Cisco Systems[14] and Qualcomm[15] making strategic financial investments in the company in 2008.

In July 2007, the firm became a founding member of the Femto Forum, renamed Small Cell Forum in February 2012,.[16][17] ip.access was named in The Sunday Times Fast Tech Track 100 in both 2007[18] and 2008.[19] The company was also cited as the number one picocell vendor by global market intelligence company, ABI Research in 2008.[20]

In 2009, ip.access was named in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA.[21] In April 2009, the company announced its Oyster 3G product would support femtocell standards published by 3GPP and the Broadband Forum.[22] In March 2010, the company took part in the first Plugfest,[23] organized by ETSI as part of its Plugtests[24] program, held to demonstrate the effectiveness of the 3GPP femtocell standards in supporting interoperability between femtocell access points and network equipment from different vendors.

In June 2011, the market research and analysis firm Infonetics[25] named ip.access along with its partner Cisco Systems, as the leading supplier of 3G femtocells.[26] In August 2011, ip.access[27] announced it had made more than 500,000 installations of its 3G technologies.[28] In February 2013, ip.access announced it had become the first 3G small cell provider to ship one million residential units.[29] In the same month, ip.access and iDirect completed successful interopability test of 3G small cells over IP Satellite.[30]

In February 2014, ip.access launched a new range of small cells called presenceCell,[31] which unlike traditional small cells, do not rely on providing indoor coverage and capacity to deliver a return on investment. Rather, the ultra-compact base stations are designed to capture anonymous user location and phone identity information from smartphones, which can be analysed and packaged as a service for a variety of businesses.


The telecommunications firms AT&T[32] uses Oyster 3G as the core femtocell technology for its 3G MicroCell[33] product. Cisco Systems,[34] has jointly developed a femtocell solution with ip.access in compliance with the Broadband Forum's TR-069[22] technical specification.


In 2002, ip.access introduced the world’s first IP basestation controller for indoor GSM networks.[35] nanoGSM uses 2G picocells that leverage the standard GSM air interface, full IP-based BSC, and an OMC-R management system that delivers voice, messaging and data to both 2G and 3G handsets at an indoor range of up to 200m.


nano3G is an end-to-end Femtocell system with access points for Enterprise, E-class [E8, E16 and E24] and Small Medium Business, S-class [S8], access controller and element management system, providing carrier-class coverage to commercial[36] and consumer users.[37]

The ip.access nano3G Enterprise

Oyster 3G Technology[edit]

Launched at the 2007 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain,[38] the Oyster 3G is ip.access' core 3G femtocell technology used by system integrators and OEM customers to integrate WCDMA femtocells into home gateways, set-top boxes, and other devices. ip.access' Oyster 3G is the core technology of AT&T's 3G MicroCell[39]


nanoLTE [E-40, E-100] is an Enterprise grade platform that brings LTE capacity both in-doors and in public spaces, while also offering the option of providing extra 3G infill and Circuit Switch Fall Back (CSFB) capacity.


Launched in 2014, the presenceCell is a new range of small cell, designed to capture precise user location data via their smart phone, which can be analysed and packaged as a service for a variety of businesses. In addition to the presenceCell, ip.access also provides the back-end processing and management system that delivers the Presence data anonymously and securely to vertical application providers. The company’s Network Orchestration System serves as the infrastructure management solution and also supports the GSMA’s OneAPI standard, which allows third parties to provide value-added services through web friendly message interfaces. The presenceCell was commercially deployed by Vodafone Turkey in 2015.[40]

Customers and Partners[edit]

Among ip.access' major customers are AT&T,[32] Bharti Airtel,[41] Blue Ocean Wireless,[2] Bouygues Telecom,[42]Jersey Telecom[43] Monaco Telecom,[44] SFR,[45] SPIE SA,[45] T-Mobile,[46] Tele2,[47] Telefónica O2 Czech Republic,[48]Telia Sonera,[49] Vivacom[50] and Vodafone[51]

The company's technology partners[52] include AeroMobile,[53] Altobridge,[54] Blue Ocean Wireless,[55] Cisco Systems,[34] Private Mobile Networks,[56] Qualcomm,[57] Quortus,[58] Setcom,[58] and TriaGnoSys.[59]


Corporate, product, and personnel awards won by ip.access include the following:


  • Light Reading Leading Lights Awards - Best New Product (Private Company)[60]
  • Global Mobile Awards - Best Radio Access Product or Service[61]
  • The Sunday Times Fast Tech Track 100[18]
  • World Communications Award - Best Technology Foresight[62]


  • The Sunday Times Fast Tech Track 100[19]


  • Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA[21]
  • Femto Forum Awards - Femtocell or Femtocell Network Element Design and Technology Innovation[63]
  • Femto Forum Awards - Femtocell Service (Commercial, Prototype, or Demo)[63]
  • Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards - Maritime Voice Services[64]


  • GTB Power100[65]
  • World Vendor Awards - Best Specialist Vendor[66]


  • Femto Forum Awards - Femtocell Network Element Design and Technology Innovation[67]


  • World Vendor Awards - Small Cell Award[68]
  • Small Cell Forum Industry Awards - Judges Choice Award[69]


  • Small Cell Forum Industry Awards - Social Vision, promoting Small Cells for Social / Economical / Environmental development[70]


  • Small Cell Forum Industry Awards - Social Impact, promoting small cells for social/economic/environmental development.[71]


  • Small Cell Forum Industry Awards - Social Impact, small cells create advanced LTE testbeds for aspiring engineers worldwide.[72]


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