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Studio album by John Zorn
Released September 28, 2010
Length 49:20
Label Tzadik
Producer John Zorn
Moonchild Trio chronology
The Crucible
(2008)The Crucible2008
Templars: In Sacred Blood
(2012)Templars: In Sacred Blood2012
John Zorn chronology
Filmworks XXIV: The Nobel Prizewinner
(2009) Filmworks XXIV: The Nobel Prizewinner2009
(2010) Ipsissimus2010
What Thou Wilt
(2010) What Thou Wilt2010

Ipsissimus is an album by John Zorn. It is the fifth album to feature the "Moonchild Trio" of Mike Patton, Joey Baron and Trevor Dunn, following Astronome (2006), Moonchild: Songs Without Words (2006), Six Litanies for Heliogabalus (2007) and The Crucible (2008).

Description from the label[edit]

Weaving sonic dramas around the legacies of Magick and Alchemy, Moonchild is one of Zorn’s most intense and powerful projects. Active since 2006, Moonchild has released four CDs speaking directly to young, open minded and curious music lovers around the world, and their newest recording is the most varied and driving to date. Nine new duos, trios and quartets swirling with melodic and rhythmic invention featuring the searing guitar of Marc Ribot, the magical vocals of Mike Patton and Zorn’s manic sax with the astounding Dunn-Baron rhythm section. Ipsissimus is the fifth surprising installment in the remarkable Moonchild legacy.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Seven Sigils
  2. The Book of Los
  3. Apparitions I
  4. Supplicant
  5. Tabula Smaragdina
  6. Apparitions II
  7. The Changeling
  8. Warlock
  9. Apparitions III