Israeli Druze Faction

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Israeli Druze Faction

הסיעה הדרוזית
Arabic nameالكتلة الدرزية الإسرائيلية
Hebrew nameהסיעה הדרוזית הישראלית
LeaderJabr Muadi
Founded11 April 1967
Split fromCooperation and Brotherhood
Merged intoProgress and Development
IdeologyDruze interest
Most MKs1 (1967–1969)
Fewest MKs1 (1967–1969)

The Israeli Druze Faction (Arabic: الكتلة الدرزية الإسرائيلية‎, al-Ketla al-Druzia al-Isra'iliah, Hebrew: הסיעה הדרוזית הישראלית‎, HaSia'a HaDruzit HaYisraelit, also labelled as the 'Druze Party') was a short-lived, one-man political faction in Israel.


The party was established on 11 April 1967 during the sixth Knesset, when Jabr Muadi left Cooperation and Brotherhood.[1]

Before the 1969 elections, Muadi joined Progress and Development, thus effectively swapping parties with Elias Nakhleh, who had begun the session as a member of Progress and Development, then left to set up the Jewish–Arab Brotherhood before joining Cooperation and Brotherhood.


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