Democratic Union (Israel)

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Democratic Union

המחנה הדמוקרטי
LeaderNitzan Horowitz
Stav Shafir
Ehud Barak[1]
Founded25 July 2019 (2019-07-25)
Social democracy
Green politics
Two-state solution[2]
Political positionLeft-wing[1]
Member partiesMeretz
Green Movement
Democratic Israel
SloganNo (to) Likud. That's for sure.
5 / 120
Election symbol

The Democratic Union (Hebrew: המחנה הדמוקרטי‎, romanizedHaMaḥaneh HaDemokrati, lit. 'The Democratic Camp') is a left-wing political alliance in Israel formed between Meretz, Israel Democratic Party, Labor defector Stav Shaffir,[3] and the Green Movement[4] that ran in the September 2019 Israeli legislative election.[5]


A meeting was held between Ehud Barak and Issawi Frej (with Stav Shaffir "mediating") on 24 July to make various agreements between their respective factions, with Barak allowing Meretz leader Nitzan Horowitz first place on the list, as well as Barak being placed in tenth place on the list, but with "first pick of portfolios" if the alliance goes into government.[6] The Meretz party voted on 28 July to approve the agreement regarding the Democratic Union.[7]

The agreement binds the parties to not join a coalition with a right-wing government,[7] declaring: "We will not lend our hand to a right-wing government headed by Netanyahu, and not a right-wing government headed by the puppets of Netanyahu in any situation, in any scenario, in any way."[8] The parties also pledge to "defend the democratic character of the state, with an emphasis on the Supreme Court, to abolish the Nation-state Law, and to promote peace and a political settlement with the Palestinian Arabs".[7]


Name Ideology Position Leader Current MKs
Meretz Social democracy Left-wing Nitzan Horowitz
3 / 120
Green Movement Green politics Centre-left to left-wing Stav Shaffir
1 / 120
Democratic Israel Social liberalism Centre-left Ehud Barak
1 / 120

Current MKs[edit]

The Democratic Union currently has 5 Knesset members. They are listed below in the order that they appeared on the party's list for the list for the September 2019 elections:[9]

     Meretz,      Democratic Israel,      Green Movement

# Name Notes
1 Nitzan Horowitz Democratic Union leader, Meretz chairman, journalist
2 Stav Shaffir Former Labor MK, leader of 2011 Israeli social justice protests
3 Yair Golan Former Deputy Chief of Staff
4 Tamar Zandberg Former Meretz Chairwoman
5 Ilan Gilon Meretz MK, former Deputy mayor of Ashdod

Election results[edit]

Election Leader Votes % Position Seats +/– Outcome
September 2019 Nitzan Horowitz 192,495 4.34% 9th
5 / 120


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