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Iverkala is a rural village in Kollam district of Kerala state in India. The famous Kallada river flows through the village from east and south. On the other side of the river, Attuvassery is in the east and Thekkumchery is in the south. West side Kadampanadu and North Mannady.


There is no historical evidence for the formation of the name. Iver means "five persons" and kala means "place". Locals believe that the five Pandava brothers of epic Mahabharata lived in this place, but there is no evidence yet that Kerala is connected to Mahabharatha.[citation needed]


The economy is mainly dependent upon agriculture but now most of the paddy fields are abandoned by farmers due to the shortage of workers as the new generation is not engaging in the agriculture field because of the low return. Educated youths are seeking government jobs or overseas jobs which are more profitable.

Environmental problems[edit]

A large quantity of the land area has been converted from vegetable farming to rubber estates so inhabitants of this area is gradually becoming dependent on other states for food items. The village does contain some brick factories and two (One is at Pakistan Mukku and other one is at kaleekkalazhikathu mukku) cashew-processing factory, however. Sand mining from Kallada river was one source of income but this is totally controlled by authorities due to environmental problems. Now the un-authorised mining is also doing in large scale by the support of corrupted panchayath, police, RT officials. Attuvassery is a village in kottarakkara taluk, Vettikkavala block, near Tekkumcheri and Mavadi, Attuvassery is a beautiful[neutrality is disputed] village has number of good sceneries like "kattakkuzhi,kalathattu etc.."


Attuvassery, the land lying in the mouth (va) of kalladayar, so as it call as attuvacheri, then it changed to Attuvassery. Another mythological story was based on mahabharatha Noottavar was staying here once up on a time, then the land called as Noottuvassery, which again changed to attuvassery. However, now the village known as Attuvassery.

Iverkala the name indicate 'IVER', Pandavas were lived in river bank during the 'Vanavasa' period."Attuvassey Kalathattu",an ancient resting place of travellers, is historically known since this kalathattu had given refuge to Raja Raja Sree Marthanda Varma, while he was being chased by his rivals in Thiruvithamkoor. The Fable is that he had played Chathurangam with villagers here who did not identify the Maharaja.


Land in Attuvassery is very, fertile with has lots of fields and agricultural land.

Human resources[edit]

Attuvassery provides lots of human resources to the society such as Nanu jyolsan,[clarification needed] AP Ramakrishnan, etc.[citation needed]


Attuvassery has two temples on it. Both are very old temples about 1500 years old. Both have vigraha that are very powerful. The villagers give respect to both. Dharma Sasthavu is the main prethishttah in Dharma Sastha Kshethram. The administration of temple is under N.S.S. Rudhira Bhayankari Khshetram Kaalee devi is the main prethishttah in this temple. A Kaavu is located near the temple. This temple has a pond located in front of it.


Till some years ago people in Attuvassery cultivated paddy in the fields. But people now mostly depend upon rubber and banana plants. 73% of the people in attuvassery has rubber in their own land, 18%people cultivate banana, on Attuvassery's land, 9% vegetables.


People in attuvassery depend mainly on private vehicles and autorikshas.


There are two brick company in Attuvassery. Again one brick factory will uplift in Attuvassery's land soon.

Educational institutions[edit]

All of all people in Attuvassery are literate.[citation needed]

There is only one school in Attuvassery.[citation needed] It is S.V.N.S.S.U.P.S. It offering L.K.G to 7. All classes in this school get computer training. About 275 students are studying in this school. (97% people who live in Attuvassery studied in this school.) The school's administration is under N.S.S. Karayogam.