Jannat al-Mu'alla

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Garden of the Mualla
Jannat-ul-Maualla at present.JPG
Jannatul Mualla
Established Pre-Islamic
Location Mecca
Country Saudi Arabia
Type Muslim
Owned by State

Jannatul Mualla ( جنة المعلىGarden of the Mualla ) also known as Al-Hajun, is a famous cemetery located in Mecca, present-day Saudi Arabia to the south-east from the Masjid al-Haram. It is the place where Muhammad's wife, grandfather, and other ancestors are buried.[citation needed]

Jannatul Mualla before 1925, during the Ottoman period.


Many of Muhammad's relatives were buried in the cemetery before he migrated for Medina in the Hijra of September 622.[citation needed] Many domes and structures have been built or rebuilt over famous graves over the years.[1]

Notable interments[edit]

Famous historical figures buried here include:

Mausoleum of Khadija, Jannatul Mualla cemetery, before its destruction by Saudi


Tombs in this cemetery were demolished in 1925, the same year that the mausoleums in Jannatul Baqee were demolished by Saudi King, Ibn Saud. This happened despite protests by the international Islamic community.[2]

Some Shiites continue to mourn the day the House of Saud demolished shrines in al-Baqi, which has been named yaum e gham or "Day of Sorrow". Shiites continue to protest the Saudi government's demolition of these shrines.

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Coordinates: 21°26′13″N 39°49′45″E / 21.43694°N 39.82917°E / 21.43694; 39.82917