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Abd Manaf al-Mughirah ibn Qusai
عبد مناف ٱلمغيرة ٱبن قصي
AL mugirah bin Qusai.png
Calligraphy illustrating Name of Abd Manaf of the Quraysh tribe
2nd Major Chief Leader of Quraysh
Preceded byQusai ibn Kilab
Succeeded byHashim ibn Abd Manaf
Personal details
BornMakkah, Hijaz
Spouse(s)Atikah bint Murrah al-Hulaliyya

Rayta bint Ku'ayb al-Thaqafiyya

Waqidah bint Amr al-Qurayshiyya al-Amiriyya
ChildrenNawfal ibn Abd Manaf (son)
Hashim ibn 'Abd Manaf (son)
Muttalib ibn Abd Manaf (son)

Tumadir bint Abd Manaf al-Quraishiyya
Qilabah bint Abd Manaf al-Quraishiyya
Hayyah bint Abd Manaf al-Quraishiyya
Rayta bint Abd Manaf al-Quraishiyya
Khathma bint Abd Manaf al-Quraishiyya
Sufyanah bint Abd Manaf al-Quraishiyya
Abd ibn Abd Manaf(son)
Abd-al-Amr ibn Abd Manaf(son)

Sufyanah bint Abd Manaf al-Quraishiyya
RelativesAbd-al-Dar ibn Qusai (brother)
Zuhrah ibn Kilab (uncle)
Known forAncestor of Prophet Muhammad

Abd Manaf al-Mughirah ibn Qusai (Arabic: عبد مناف ٱلمغيرة ٱبن قصي‎, Abd Manāf al-Mughīrah ibn Quṣayy) was a Qurayshi and great-great-grandfather of Islamic prophet Muhammad. His father was Quṣai ibn Kilāb.


Abd Manaf was already honoured in his father's lifetime however Qusai preferred his first-born 'Abd ad-Dar and invested him with all his rights, powers, and transferred the ownership of the House of Assembly shortly before his death.[1]

Father's death[edit]

After Quṣayy's death, Abd Manaf contested this inheritance. He was supported by their nephew Asad, their uncle Zuhrah ibn Kilab, their father's uncle Taym ibn Murrah (of Banu Taym), and al-Harith ibn Fihr, while 'Abd ad-Dar was supported by their cousins Makhzum, Sahm, Jumah, their uncle Adi and their families. The effects of this conflict continued among their descendants, especially under Abd Manaf's son Hashim and affected the internal history of Mecca right up to Muhammad's time.[2]


Abdu Manaf married several wives of influential tribes, including 'Ātikah bint Murrah ibn Hilāl ibn Fālij ibn Dhakwān ibn Hilal ibn Sa'sa'ah ibn Mu'awiyah ibn Bakr ibn Hawazin al-Hilaliyya of Bani Qays Aylan, Hilal of the Banu Bakr ibn Hawāzin, Raytah of Ta'if, and Waqida bint Amr.

Origin of tribes of Quraysh[edit]

Abd Manaf had three wives:

1. Atikah bint Murrah al-Hulaliyya

2. Rayta bint Ku'ayb al-Thaqafiyya

  • a. Abd ibn Abd Manaf
  • b. Abd-al-Amr ibn Abd Manaf
Persian kings etc. 1. Yezdegerd. Name of 3 Sasanid kings. 2. Abd Manaf of Qurayshi tribe, Muhammad's great-grandfather. 3. Hormoz. Name of 5 Sasanid kings.

3. Waqidah bint Amr al-Qurayshiyya al-Amiriyya

Death and burial[edit]

The grave of Abd Manaf can be found in Jannatul Mualla cemetery, in Mecca.[citation needed]

Notable descendants[edit]

Quraysh tribe
(detailed tree)
Waqida bint AmrAbd Manaf ibn QusaiĀtikah bint Murrah
Nawfal ibn Abd Manaf‘Abd ShamsBarraHalaMuṭṭalib ibn Abd ManafHashimSalma bint Amr
Umayya ibn Abd ShamsʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib
HarbAbū al-ʿĀsʿĀminahʿAbdallāhHamzaAbī ṬālibAz-Zubayral-ʿAbbās Abū Lahab
ʾAbī Sufyān ibn Harbal-ḤakamʿUthmānʿAffānMUHAMMAD
(Family tree)
Khadija bint KhuwaylidʿAlī
(Family tree)
Khawlah bint Ja'farʿAbd Allāh
Muʿāwiyah IMarwān IʿUthmān ibn ʿAffānRuqayyahFatimahMuhammad ibn al-HanafiyyahʿAli ibn ʿAbdallāh
SufyanidsMarwanids al-Ḥasanal-Ḥusayn
(Family tree)
Abu Hashim
(Imām of al-Mukhtār and Hashimiyya)

Ibrāhim "al-Imām"al-Saffāḥal-Mansur

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